Tour de Fleece Spinning

Pixie Posie Handspun VerticalIn the midst of the heat across the nation, a hardy band of fiber enthusiasts are spinning their wheels in conjunction with the Tour de France cyclists.  We aren’t spinning bicycle wheels, although some might be going out for a bike ride in the cool of the evening.  Instead, we are spinning our spinning wheels.  Yessir, there are whole teams of us going to town as we try to work our way through our fiber stashes and have some yarn to show for it.

This is the first year that I’ve participated in the Tour de Fleece.  I’m on Team Enchanted Elves, a group of spinners who are spinning up fleece from Enchanted Knoll Farm .  In keeping with the Tour de France theme, we try to spin each day and take the same designated “rest” days that the cyclists take.  On the days that they have a particularly challenging course, we try to do extra-challenging spinning.  Along the way, there are special prize incentives offered through the Ravelry Tour de Fleece group to those participants who are posting and showing progress.

Personally, I feel like I did in high school….hanging on by a thread (no pun intended).  Since we started while I was flying back from Texas, I have been playing catch up from Day One.  I feel like I’m peddling madly away and still bringing up the rear.  But I do have some nice handspun to show for it.  This particular skein happens to be from another fiber provider but I had to finish spinning it up and ply it in order to get my bobbins free for the EKF fiber.

EKF Pumpkin Juice YarnNow I’ve got Enchanted Knoll Farm’s “Pumpkin Juice” fiber on my bobbin.  It doesn’t look like I’ve done much but I’m spinning it pretty thin, at least for me.  It is in lovely shades of gold, pale cream, with veins of blush and golden sparkles.

Time to head out on the course.  My team’s depending on me.  Lord, have mercy!


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