Cast Off the Lines!

CPAP MachineIn just a few short hours, I’m heading out to Texas.  I am NOT taking my CPAP machine.  In the night, I dreamed that I threw off the tether of that blasted CPAP hose and headed away from the dock and off into the wild blue yonder.  Do you remember that one Star Trek movie where the crew heads to the Enterprise where she is in dry dock (space dock?) tethered to various platforms in space?  Due to an emergency, they have to get underway quickly and don’t have time to finish the repairs.  Instead they fire her up and one by one, the lines that are holding her in place are dropped until the Enterprise sails off to her next great adventure.

Well, that’s how I feel.  If my hubby was coming with me, I’d take the dad burned thing because he’s very good about lugging it around for me.  I, on the other hand, have enough stuff to take to Texas without that crazy thing.  So my daughter-in-law’s family will have to listen to my snoring for the next few days but hey, at least I’ll be there to help celebrate the future arrival of our mutual grandchild.  Yup,  there’s going to be a baby shower while I’m there and it should be a great time of celebration.  Laura’s mom decided to have it early since the chances of Laura being back home before the baby is born are probably pretty slim.

I’m also going to be trying a big experiment.  I’m leaving my laptop behind.  Now THAT’S going to be a big adventure in itself.  I really like my laptop but with the baby gifts to bring down, I really don’t have the room.  So I’m going to try to blog, Tweet, and check my email, and Facebook all from my new iPhone.  Be patient with me.  If nothing else, the blog posts will be short.

Before I go, let me just explain the wild bedroom wallpaper.  In our defense, it was the decorating choice of the previous owners.  We are planning to get the stuff off the walls if we can (they papered right onto the drywall and it is on there like glue) and paint, get rid of the pink accordian window treatments and put in new curtains and then take out the sky blue carpeting and put in a nice neutral carpet.  I have no excuse for the hideous lamp.  It actually is from my single days (30 years ago).  It still works and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it.  When we redo the bedroom, it will be one of the first things to go.    OK, Scotty……fire up the engines.  It’s time to go “where no man has gone before”…….Houston!


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  1. Hey, your CPAP machine keeps my husband in a job :)!

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