Five Fave Things About My iPhone

Friday_fave_five_Tamara small It’s Friday’s Fave Five and although I’m a little late today, I do have five fave things to share with you.  My dear hubby and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary and as part of our celebration, we both splurged and bought the new Apple iPhones.  Might seem a little strange for a 30th anniversary gift to each other but we are both big techno-geeks and I’ve had my eye on the iPhone for quite some time.   When Apple released the 3GS, I was finally ready to leave Verizon Wireless behind (Sorry, Verizon…I love your service and coverage but AT&T has the phone I want, plain and simple).  Now my hubby insisted that I only needed the iPhone 3G, which incidentally is now being offered for $99 – a pretty sweet deal.  Imagine my amusement when we got to the store and he suddenly displayed a burning desire to have his own 3GS when I only “needed” a 3G.  The joke was on both of us because they were out of the 3GS so we both had to settle for the 3G.  Bad karma, eh, what?  If he’d gone to the store when I’d first suggested it, they would have been in stock.  I know because I had checked.  Oh well, after 30 years, I should know  that you can’t rush these things.  So I’ve been rather neglecting my blog because the iPhone is just so much fun to play with and set up.  We’ve been staying up past midnight for the past few nights tweaking our phones and we still have a ways to go to get them set up just the way we want them.  But I already know that there are certain things I LOVE about this phone.

iPhone Case Closeup1.  I love the cool accessories you can get for the iPhone. There are some really neat cases out there that you can purchase to protect your phone.  This beauty is the sleek “Barely There”  case from Case-Mate in my favorite apple green color.  I also protected the front of the phone with the “Invisible Shield” by Zagg, which I also have on my iTouch.  These clear shields provide the ultimate in scratch protection for your iphones and they come with a lifetime warranty.  My husband got a swiveling holster for his iPhone that’s made by Eddie Bauer.  He likes to wear his phone attached to his belt.

iPhone Cool Apps2.  There are so many useful applications/tools for the iPhone. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go up on iTunes and browse through all the apps that I can load onto my iPhone.  I have such things as Amazon Kindle, which allows me to load my Kindle books onto my iPhone (or my iTouch) and then I can read on one or the other and the two will somehow remember where I left off on either one.  Don’t ask me how they do that.  I just love the fact that it does.  Folks have asked me if I don’t find it tedious to read on such a small screen.  The answer is “Not at all.”   I don’t find the print all that tiny.  I also find it very convenient if I’m somewhere and find myself waiting to be able to just whip out my iPhone or iTouch and continue reading on whatever novel I’m currently working my way through.  I also have Evernote, a calorie counter, an app that figures out what the sale discount will be, etc., etc.

iPhone Email3.  I can send and receive email on my iPhone. OK, I know that many of you probably already had this feature on your phones but my previous phone didn’t have that capability.  Now I can check both of my email accounts and see the html version of emails in living color.  It is just too cool for words.  No matter where I am, if there is phone coverage, I can get my email.  I don’t have to hunt down a WiFi location.  I can be as connected as I want to be which is totally neat since I’m heading out to Texas in a few days and will probably not take my laptop with me.  Believe me, I was a little worried about my ability to remain incommunicado for almost a week.  Now I’ll be able to keep in touch.  And did I mention that I can also tweet?

iPhone TweetsOh, yeah, baby!  I love Twitter and thanks to Twitterific, I’ll be able to follow all the tweets of the folks that I follow AND send out my own tweets.  Can you sense my euphoria?  I TOLD you I was a geek.  My brother just shakes his head when I tell him that he needs to get up on Twitter but I notice that he’s become quite an enthusiastic participant on Facebook and since he got his Blackberry, he has been sending me quite a few more text messages with pictures.  Today he even admitted how smartphones can really become time wasters , er addictive so I’m not the only geek who has become sucked into the clutches of these little high-tech devices.

iPhone Photos4.  I love how you can do so many neat things with customized graphics on the iPhone. Last night I could barely tear myself away to go to bed because I was having so much fun picking out photos from my scrapbooking computer program and then cropping them and sending them to the iPhone to use in my contacts list.   With the iPhone 3GS, you can even take video.   This morning, when I went to visit my mother in the nursing home, I made a little detour to take a picture (with the built-in camera in my iPhone) of the nursing home sign.  I figured I’d attach that pic to the phone number of the nursing home.  Imagine my surprise when a hiker who was relaxing in the gazebo behind the sign popped up to ask if it was OK if she relaxed there for awhile.  I hadn’t even seen her.  She must have thought that I was “documenting” her unauthorized use of the gazebo.  Poor thing!  She looked so scared.  I hope my explanation of the fun of a “new toy”, etc.  dispelled her concerns.  At least she was still sitting there an hour later when I left from my visit.

iPhone Helps5.  I love all the 3rd party stuff that is out there about the iPhone. There are magazines all about the iPhone.  I browsed through a substantial book section in Barnes and Noble today on the iPhone and iTouch.  There are websites and blogs galore all devoted to discussing all things to do with the iPhone.  I didn’t have that with my little LG Chocolate phone, I’ll tell you.  And the third party application software designers are constantly coming up with great apps to send to the iTunes store.  Many of these apps are free.  Those that are not free are really not all that expensive.

I really could go on and on but I’ll spare you.  Besides, my hubby has come up for air after entering contacts on HIS iPhone long enough to want to go eat supper.  Why not head over to Susanne’s blog to see what others are mentioning this Friday for their fave Fives?


5 Responses

  1. Those features sound terrific! Wish I could have one 😉

  2. LOL. I’m still trying to figure out my plain little old chocolate spin phone. I had to call tech support to figure out how to download a ringtone, for heavens sakes. LOL. But this does sound like a lot of cool features.

  3. Yup, you are definitely a true techno geek. I am somewhat envious b/c I’m not and have been limping along saying, “Professor! Help me figure this out!” and he does weary of it occasionally, especially when it comes to operating the tv. I am glad you are enjoying your new toy.

  4. Ohhhh. . .I’m getting weaker! I keep saying I really don’t need an iphone–but since when does *need* have anything to do with it?

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