When is a Sunroom a Mudroom?

Gloomy Sunroom

We have a sunroom. It’s a little gloomy these days, though, because the one thing we haven’t been getting much of in this neck of the woods is the sun. I can’t remember a Spring when we’ve had so much rain. I hear that other parts of the country are dry. Couldn’t prove it by me. Quite frankly, I’m ready for a little more sunshine around here and so is Fresca, the Wonder Dog.

What Happened to the Sun, Mom?

What Happened to the Sun, Mom?

In the meantime, the rashes are going away and the itching has stopped so, in a sense, I’m providing my own sunshine. Today was also the day to pick up this week’s produce from the organic farmer and we had a nice assortment including sugar snap peas, the first zucchini of the season, and fresh basil. Fresh basil smells wonderful. I kept wanting to crush it between my fingers. I’ll admit to still being a little jumpy when I come across a slug or bugs crawling across the produce when I bring it in from the car but I’m working to get over my squeamishness. I just give everything a good wash and remind myself how wonderful it is not to be putting all those pesticides into my system.

This Week's Goodies

On the knitting front, I’ve been having so much fun working on my Girasole Shawl, that I sluffed off on my Hey Teach Sweater. But tomorrow is the next class for “Hey Teach” and we are going to be starting on putting it all together. So I forced myself to put down the Girasole and finish knitting the right front bodice of my sweater. I’ll try to get some pics of both the Girasole and Hey Teach for the blog tomorrow. In the meantime, stay dry if you are in the rain forests of PA. If not, send a little sun our way, eh?


2 Responses

  1. what a cute doggie…
    love the veggies
    wheres the knitting?
    I’m working on crocheting baby sandals…:)

  2. We have plenty of sunshine here in Vancouver…which is located in an official rain-forest. Got to love Vancouver weather: 75 degrees and sunshine, all day, every day, during the summer months. No smog either. Perfect. Although I did get attacked today by some killer crows who kept flying into my head; I don’t recall those in PA.

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