An Early Warning System for PMS

Now I’ve heard of everything, or so it seems. I was reading the paper today and saw an article that mentioned a new service that tracks when your loved ones of the feminine persuasion are going to be going through PMS. No kidding! offers to help you know in advance when your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, etc. is going to be going through premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Now how you use this information is entirely up to you but I’m assuming that PMSBuddy is thinking that “forewarned is forearmed.”


That got me to thinking that there might be a need for something similar for those of us who have moved beyond PMS to “PDHS” (Pretty Darn Hot Syndrome).
Maybe women of a certain age need a little badge they could wear that would be sensitive to changes in body temperature — a hot-flashometer. If a tsunami of warmth is detected, it could send off a quick Tweet to those loved ones or co-workers who are subscribing to the alert system.

I can see it now. Perhaps a teenager might be on their way down the hall to ask you if they could borrow the keys to your car. Alert, alert! Abort mission! Or a supervisor might be bringing you a stack of files, ready to dump more work on you. Danger, bad time. Bad time! Reschedule. Yes, something like a hot-flashometer could go a long way towards bringing more peace and harmony into this world. The precedent has been set with PMSBuddy. It’s only a matter of time before the folks with seasoned women in their lives get their own early warning system.


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  1. i have so been in need of that alert button…my family would probably appreciate one, alot!

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