Hooray! A New Way to Clean My Laminate Floors

Shark Steam MopI was out shopping yesterday for some Sweet Tarts to send to my daughter-in-law.  The sweetie is having serious morning sickness and Sweet Tarts are one of the few things that appeal to her.  Anyway, while I was out, I stumbled across this little beauty.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a better way to clean our floors ever since we installed laminate on our whole first floor (except for the kitchen and bath).    Before we switched over from carpeting, I had always assumed that I’d just get out the bucket and mop the new laminate.  Uh-uh!  I found out after the fact that this can cause your laminate flooring to warp and buckle.  Dang!

So after doing some research, I settled on a less-than-satisfactory method of going through the house first with our Dyson vacuum.  Then I’d put a clean pad on a Swiffer broom and get out some Windex and go over the floors a small patch at a time, first spritzing the section with the Windex and then wiping it with the Swiffer broom.  The combination of the Windex (which evaporated quickly) with the dry Swiffer pad kept moisture to a minimum.  It took awhile, though and my hand would get mighty tired of pumping that Windex bottle by the end of the mopping.

Distilled WaterAnd then I discovered the Shark Steam Mop (cue birds singing sweetly in the trees – which they are, by the way, through my open windows).  It said right on the box that it was safe for wood and laminate floors.  I was game to give it a try.  Now, it also said it used water straight out of your tap.  Yeah, right!  When I opened the box, there was a little tag attached to the handle that said basically that for the best performance of your new steam mop, they recommended distilled water.  No problem.  I had some on hand.  The mop, came with its own little filler cup and funnel, too, so there was no fuss or muss involved.

I filled that little steam mop up and in less than a minute, it was ready to go.   The unit comes with 5 micro-fiber pads that are washable and reuseable.  You stick one on the bottom of your mop (no biggie thanks to Velcro), start the action off by pumping the handle down a time or two towards your floor and away you go.  Wow, does it work like a charm.  I steamed my way around the first floor in record time.  My only complaint would be that the cord is fairly short.  I initially had to unplug it after I finished each room and then plug it in again in the next room.  I finally got smart when I got to the last room and went and hunted down an extension cord.

Dirty Mop PadAnd look at the dirt it got up from the floors after I had vacuumed everything prior to the steam mopping.  I’m impressed.  And you can throw these pads in the washing machine, although the manufacturer recommends that you wash them separately or in a garment bag so that they don’t pick up lint from other clothes.  Oh, by the way, don’t pay any attention to the dirt on the floor in this picture.  It’s the bathroom, and I didn’t clean along the baseboards yet.  I do those by hand……don’t ask me why.  And I STILL find Windex to be the best thing to use.  Spritz the floor and baseboard, let it sit for 3 minutes or so and then wipe off the grime with a damp cloth or paper towel.  I REALLY should own stock in Windex.

Guest RoomDoesn’t that floor look nice?  I’m telling you, it was a whiz to do, thanks to my new Shark Steam Mop.  Hey, any day where I can spend less time focused on cleaning is a day that I can spend more time focused on creative things.


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