Why I Like Twitter More Than Email or Phones

I’ve decided that people can be broken down into two groups:  those who love to talk on the phone and those who hate talking on the phone.  I happen to be in the latter group.  I’m always amazed when I see people with a cellphone glued to their ear just chatting up a storm.  What in the world do they find to talk about for hours on end?  Personally, I see a phone as a useful tool.  You can use it to get directions when you’re lost or to ask your spouse to pick up something you forgot at the grocery store.  If you’re running late to something, you can call ahead to let folks know you are coming.  But to just sit and chat on it?  What a waste of time.

I also enjoy my alone time.  Inevitably our darn home phone rings just as I’m in the midst of writing, reading, or creating something.  “Do you want to sell your timeshare?”  No. “Is your husband at home?”  No, since it’s the middle of the day, he tends to be at work. “Are you aware that you could be paying a lower price for car insurance?”  No doubt.  Thanks for your concern.  Goodbye. Or I’ll get a call from a gregarious friend who LOVES to chat right as the show that I’ve been watching for the past 4 months is having its finale.  Grrrr!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my friends.  But isn’t it much more fun to chat face-to-face in a coffee shop or bookstore than for an hour on the phone?

Email isn’t much better.  Oh, you can control when you are interrupted by it.  That’s a plus.  But you still have to make your way through the “time-wasters.”  You’ve got ads galore coming into your in-box.  Then you’ve got friends who think they have to send you every “keep this going” email circulating through the electronic universe.  Fair warning!  They stop with me.  I also have well-meaning friends who send me political emails, virus alerts, forwards of variations of the same, etc.  What I really like email for is to hear from family or updates from friends on what’s happening in their lives.

Twitter PostsSo, why do I like Twitter more than email or cell phone?

1.  I love the brevity of Twitter posts. You are only allowed 140 characters to say something.

2.  It’s easy to limit who you get Tweets from and who you will “follow.” I don’t have an in-box of re-tweets of re-tweets.  I don’t have spam coming in or ads.  If I don’t like what someone has to say, I can “unfollow/block”  them.  I’m the mistress of my own Twittiverse.  Such power!

3.  Twitter isn’t a time-sucker. I can easily scan through a group of Tweets and read what’s on the mind of the tweople I’m following.   It’s also easy to dash off a quick Tweet without too much deliberation.

4.  Tweets allow easy modification if you want to add links to pics or websites. It is very easy and common practice to include a tiny url or bit.ly url link within a Tweet or a pic link if you have more to say or want to direct folks to an interesting website, graphic, blog, or report.  With these options, the reader can make the decision when and if to take the time to follow the link.

Twitter is probably not for everyone.  Some folks swear by Plurk but I found it rather tedious since you would lose “karma” if you didn’t post a lot so people tended to post things like “good morning” and “good night.”  Eh, I think I’d rather stick with Twitter.

Ironically, while writing this post, the phone rang and my son and daughter-in-law were on the line.  “What are you doing?” my son asked.  “I’m writing on my blog about the irritation of phone interruptions,” I answered.  However, I hastened to assure them that I DO make exceptions for my loved ones, especially those living in far-off areas.  I’ll always take a phone call from my kiddos.


4 Responses

  1. I like Twitter a lot but replacing email and cell phones? ummmmm, no. And what do phone solicitors have to do with cell phones? If you’re getting phone solicitation calls on your cell phone you need to switch companies. Grrrr to a phone call from a friend? I don’t think this has anything to do with Twitter, you just don’t like people.

  2. Naw, I like people. I just don’t like talking on the phone for an hour, which some of my friends like to do. I’d much rather meet them somewhere to chat in person. And you’re right…it was confusing about the cell phones and calls from solicitors. I edited the post to clarify that. I don’t get those calls on my cell phone (thank goodness). Peace!

  3. Perfect! I abhor the interruption of phone calls. Just because someone else has a break to make the call doesn’t mean it is my break time to chat. I agree with what a phone is for. Simple don’t understand what they can possibly be chatting about all the time! Twitter and facebook have lessened by a mile my inbox (and outbox) for email. I can post a quick comment to a friend on FB, or in 140 or less can twit. Texting also limits phone time because of its brevity.
    exception: family. always.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more, Vanessa. And like you, I always am thrilled to hear from family.

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