Helping the Organic Farmer (AND Eating Well)

First Week CSA Bounty This is the year that we are committing to try to eat more food grown locally.  We are also trying to eat more organically grown foods.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the store and spy a luscious container of berries and then discover that they are from somewhere in South America, it just burns me up.  Nothing against South America, but I live in Pennsylvania and I’d just as soon eat something that wasn’t grown thousands of miles away and then soaked in who knows what preservatives to make it to my table looking fresh and pretty.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that I enjoy the most are also some of the most highly contaminated by pesticide.  Check out this list that’s enough to put you off your appetite.  Ugh!  So it was really a no-brainer for us to decide to go with a “CSA” organic farm in our area.  If you aren’t familiar with the CSA, or “Community Supported Agriculture” concept, you can read about it here.   Basically, someone else does all the hard work of the farming for you, and you and others purchase or “subscribe” to a share of the harvest throughout the growing season.

First Week Broccoli CloseupThis week, I picked up our first delivery of the season.  Our organic farmer makes deliveries to quite a few sites in our area on one of two days each week.  We each know what day we are to pick up our shares.  My husband and I purchased a half share, since it is just the 2 of us so our box is smaller each week.  I go to the delivery site, check off beside my name, and pull out the plastic liner filled with produce from the reuseable box and put it in my canvas bag.  Incidentally, we just got word that the box liners will soon be bio-degradable.    Our first delivery had fresh spinach, spring baby lettuce, scallions, broccoli, new red potatoes, and baby spinach — all of it organically grown and pesticide free.  And our delivery box will get fuller each week as the growing season continues.

Interested in finding a CSA-farm program in your area?  Check out Local Harvest which has a nice search feature for you to input your zip code or state and then lists farms with subscription programs with all details and links.


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