More Holes Than a Slice of Swiss Cheese

Day One Left side of lawn Remember my post a few days ago, when I found the notice hanging on my door from Verizon, saying that FiOS would be coming to our neighborhood?  I was pretty excited.  The flyer also said something about the possibility of minimal digging and how if that was necessary, lawns would be reseeded – no problem!

Well, for some reason, it appears that our lawn has been chosen as “Hub Central” for our particular section of the street and this is what our lawn was looking like after the first day of excavations.  I’m not sure why they picked our lawn but I have my suspicions.  It might be because we were the only lawn on the block that had a big patch of unseeded area in the front.  We had two trees removed in the late fall and that bare area was waiting to be reseeded.  Or it could be because the neighbors on either side of us have landscaping that looks like something straight out of the pages of  “House Beautiful.”  They probably looked at those yards and said to themselves, “Whoa, let’s not mess with these yards. They’d kill us.  Let’s tear up the crummy yard.”

Day One Right side of lawnSo all day yesterday Fresca the Wonder Dog was tearing from living room windows to guestroom windows barking and growling as fellows swarmed over our yard, digging, jackhammering, measuring, lugging cable here and there, and loitering in the shade on breaks….frequent breaks.  Every so often a supervisor would show up and there would be renewed activity.  At times I felt like I was at one of those old-time spas with the exercise machines that had the vibrating belts that were supposed to jiggle all the fat off of you because the whole house would shake as I sat here at my computer.  And at the end of the day, when the noise stopped and I felt it was safe to stick my head out the door and assess the damage, er…progress, here’s what I saw.

Curbside Left side of lawnThe staging trucks were still in place, cones were up, those big black “boxes” were still awaiting burial, and everything was a mess.  Plus there is now a crack across our driveway.  This had better be one heck of a fast Internet connection after all this fuss.  The folks on our street have started walking by and stopping in front of the house where they just stare and shake their heads.  If they keep this up, I might start charging them a quarter to look and tell them it’s to go towards “neighborhood rebeautification.”  Here’s the ironic part –we just contracted with a landscaper to regrade our front yard, improve the slope of it, and reseed it, as well as put in redesigned front flower beds and shrubbery.    I’m thanking my lucky stars that the landscaper hadn’t started his work yet because if he had, I’d be camped out on the front lawn with a hoe in one hand and some organic pest spray in the other, defending my property.

Day One Upstairs ViewAt 7:00 a.m. this morning, this is what greeted me.  Oh, boy, let the games begin!  I think I’ll take two aspirin and go visit my mom.


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  1. I remember when they did that to my neighborhood there. SUCH a mess…and it really looks bad afterwards..not just from the tearing up of the lawn but from the big ugly plastic green covers now installed in everyone’s yards so they could get underground and lay the wiring.

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