As the Wheel Turns

Lendrum Head On

When I came back from the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, I was determined to get back into spinning yarn. You see, I had moved my Lendrum spinning wheel into my craft room before I’d left for the Fling and had tried to do some spinning but discovered, to my horror, that all the progress I had made a year ago had disappeared in the months that my wheel had sat unused in the guestroom. Drat! But when I was at the Fling and saw folks having so much fun spinning on their wheels, I got the boost I needed to give it another go.

Roving in Bag

Well, the other day I was rooting through the guestroom closet and came across several tubs of roving that I had forgotten about. A flash of purple caught my eye and I pulled out this lovely bag of roving. I can’t even remember where I bought it but it is the loveliest jewel-toned merino. I have some lovely roving downstairs just waiting to be spun but this purple colorway spoke to me. I figured if I was going to be struggling for awhile, at least I could struggle with something gorgeous. Now you are probably thinking, why not use some plain old roving to practice on? The answer is that I already had almost two bobbins spun up of a sickly green and yellow yarn that I was mighty tired of. I’d been struggling with that stuff for over a month and I just reached the point where I decided it was time we parted company. So I pulled every last inch of it off my bobbins. Yes, I did. And I threw it with pleasure into the trash. Heresy, I know, but it felt good. Out with the old; In with the new!

Purple Bobbin

I started off fresh with the purple roving and by Jove, it’s coming back to me. I can feel my body start to relax and get into the rhythm. I’m no longer felting the wool in my tight little grip before it even makes it onto the bobbin. I figure I’ll try to do some spinning each day and then, come Fall and our local Knitters’ Day Out , try to hook up with some local spinners who can nurture me along to the next level.  In the meantime, my wheel is turning again and I’m feeling quite content.


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