Techno-Lust Anticipation

Mystery Box in Front Yard

There’s been a lot of activity in our neighborhood in the past week. Service vehicles have been parked in odd places, orange cones have peppered our quiet streets, creating quite a navigational challenge, and huge wooden rollers filled with coils of cable have appeared here and there. Yesterday, I came home to find this square “thing” sitting in our front yard and a white line of paint drawn across the whole front of our property. Hmmm.

UGI Flag

Fresca, the Wonder Dog has been going nuts today wearing a path between the living room windows and the guestroom windows and barking up a storm. I’ve had guys in colorful work vests wandering around my yard and the whole street, measuring, sticking flags here and there, and taking more measurements. They haven’t all been from the same company, either. One guy will do his thing and leave and then another truck pulls up and parks and someone else wanders around, measuring, flagging, and wandering. I must say, I’m not used to looking up from my dining room table and seeing a man walking past my front windows. I’m glad that Fresca is “on patrol.”

Pavement Markings

Our street has been marked with yellow, blue, green, and orange paint in some sort of code which must have to do with underground utility wires and pipes. I’ve had my suspicions, based on the color of the cable I saw, but now I know for sure what is coming. We had a flyer hanging on our doorknob this afternoon. Yes, folks! Verizon’s FiOS high-speed fiber-optic cable system is coming to our neighborhood. A lot of folks around us have already been able to get it but they’ve been the ones with utility lines above-ground. Our lines are buried underground. Well, it’s our turn now.

Admittedly, it’s not like we have been relying on a dial-up modem or anything like that. We have a DSL line. But FiOS is going to be faster. Oh, yeah, Baby! We’re going to churn and burn when we can hook up to that sucker. A little disruption in the neighborhood is a small price to pay for a faster internet connection. Bring it on! Anticipation……it can be a GOOD thing.


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