Daughters, Books, and iPod Transmitters

George and I with Laura

Did you have a good Mother’s Day? I had a great one. My daughter and son-in-law came up from the DC area and met us after church. We headed over to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch where I ordered a chopped steak called “Roadkill.” How funny is that for a name? Judging from the sighs of contentment coming from the guys, I’d say that their steaks must have been done to perfection.

When the waiter came to take away the plates, my daughter plunked a big gift bag on the table for me to open. Oh boy! I do love presents. The first thing I pulled out was this. Go Groove This is so cool. It’s a special thingie that you plug into your car’s lighter plug. Then you clamp your iPhone or iPod into the top part and it plays your iPod through your car speakers using an unused radio frequency. This particular model is the GoGroove Flex Pod FM Transmitter by Accessory Power. I had bought one just like it for my son-in-law for Christmas and he loves his. When I bought my iTouch, I realized that I really would love to be able to listen to podcasts in my car. Now I can! Whee! And I can listen to my playlist, too. Don’t you just love technology?

Books from Laura and Jason

But wait, there’s more. Reaching back into the bag, I pulled out two books. I’d had them on my “Wish List” up on Amazon and my ever-so-smart kids had read my list and ordered them: “100 Cupboards” and “Dandelion Fire” by N. D. Wilson. I’d read reviews of these Young Adult fantasy books and they sounded like great escapist fare so I can’t wait to dig into them.

We stopped by the house so Fresca the Wonder Dog could see the kids. Major shrieks and whines and jumping from lap to lap before she finally quieted down. Then we got a phone call from our son and daughter-in-law up in Canada. What a nice gift to chat with them. I asked Jason’s Laura if she was doing anything special to celebrate Mother’s Day. “I threw up,” she said. Hmmm.

Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the nursing home to see my own mom. We found her in bed but awake. She actually said more than a few words this visit, although she kept calling my son-in-law “Dorothy.” Maybe it was the fact that we both have red hair. Whatever, it seemed to be a popular name this visit because she called her granddaughter “Dorothy” a few times, too before finally getting her name right. The only one she didn’t mess up was my hubby, George. I think he’s just too imposing a figure to forget. We kind of ran out of things to say after the first half hour but when we told Mom that we were going to be leaving, she said, “Oh, you aren’t leaving so soon?” That’s when Laura told her, “Well, you’re going to have to talk more, Grandma, if you want us to stay longer.” Mom screwed up her face in concentration for a few minutes and then blurted out, “Well, I’m TRYING to think of something to say.” Needless to say, we stayed longer.

That’s it reporting from the Mother’s Day front. Hope you all are well on your way to a good week.


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