A Harvest of Amigurumi Fun


I just finished a quick and really fun knitalong that was suggested by Josette of  Enchanted Knoll farm on her Ravelry group.  Incidentally, you can find her lovely yarn and fiber offerings here .  The challenge was to knit a vegetable or fruit that you would like to grow in your garden.   Well, I’d been wanting to try my hand at Amigurumi patterns for some time now and so I fired off a note to her asking if we could do a crochet pattern instead.  Indeed we could, so I did some web surfing and found a nice pattern and we were off to the races, so to speak.

indoor-radishWell, I’ll tell you….faster than I could figure out how to spell “amigurumi”, I had a little radish done and stuffed.  I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy standing outside in the rain photographing this tiny little crocheted object but I had fun.  OK, I DID cave and bring it inside for a final photo.

Now I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some other amigurumi patterns.  There are so many websites with free patterns available plus Etsy has many designers who have amigurumi patterns for sale.  Just do a “search” for “amigurumi pattern” and you’ll come up with almost 3,000 choices.  Who knows?  There could be a whole vegetable garden in your future.


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