I Showed Remarkable Restraint


Yesterday was the day I was scheduled for my shopping trip to The Loopy Ewe. Approximately 35 of us descended on the shop in the afternoon (after two shuttles-full had gone in the morning) and the hunt was on. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by all the choices that I just wandered around looking at the general layout at first. Once I had the lay of the land, I then tried to zero in on priorities. I thought I would be smart the night before and go up and print off my Wish List so I could have that in hand but it really didn’t help much. Seeing a picture of something online isn’t the same as holding a skein of yarn in your hands and feeling its softness and drape and seeing the actual colors in person.


I waffled back and forth, back and forth between Lorna’s Laces, Dream in Color, NummaNumma, Malabrigo, Monkeypals, ShibuiKnits new DK-weight Alpaca (dreamy!), Tempted’s yarns, Handmaiden, Fleece Artist, Fiesta, Creatively Dyed, Gypsy Knits, the list goes on….Ladies would walk past me with their bags full and I’d spy something in their bags that looked really enticing and decide that I should go check to see if there was more of that on the shelf. Finally, I just had to make my choices and stick with them.


I ended up with some luscious Dye Dreams yarn in Amethyst and also in Emerald. I’m going to make two lace shawls out of that. Two skeins of Fleece Artist’s Trail Socks in the colorway “Paris” will make the perfect long scarf for next winter that will coordinate just right with my barn jacket. Some turquoise Yo-Yo String and Fluff yarn caught my eye and I had to throw that in the bag for a cowl. Considering all the yarn I COULD have bought, I think I did pretty well at limiting myself to a few choice offerings. I also picked up two Addi Turbo needles for sock knitting in Magic Loop and Shawl knitting and a row counter.


On top of all that, I ate breakfast at the same table as Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits, Claudia of Wollmeise yarn, and Cookie A. But the best thing of all was the chance to take a lace knitting class from Anne Hanson. Just one little pointer she gave me has already improved my knitting dramatically in less than 24 hours. Wow, I wish Dayton, OH was a lot closer to my neck of the woods. Can you imagine how lucky her weekly students must be who can study knitting and spinning with her every week?

Yes, it was a great day yesterday and today I’m just enjoying hanging out with other knitters. I got to enjoy watching Wendy plurk this morning at breakfast and then I sat and knitted and chatted. We’re having the group photo snapped soon and then it’s “open knitting” tonight before we all start dispersing to our separate homes. To all you knitters out there…….”Wish you were here.”


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  1. Okay, you have my curiosity peaked. What is the Anne Hanson pointer? I would like dramatic knitting improvement in 24 hours for $100, please Alex. Sounds like so much fun. Glad you had such a fun experience!

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