Friday’s Fave Five Flingy Things


This is going to be a fast one, gang, since I’m at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling with over 100 other knitters here in St. Louis. So I thought I’d post my five fave things so far about the fling.

1. Arriving safely via airplane. This is a biggie for me. I’m not a calm flyer. I’m the type of person who wants to rap on the window of the terminal when the pilot is walking around the plane on the tarmac doing his inspection and yell at him, “Hey, go back and look at that wing again. It looks rusty from up here.” It didn’t help that the guy in the seat behind me was going on to his partner for over 15 minutes during the descent about how if we crashed from up here we wouldn’t have to worry about it because none of us would survive. I almost leaned over the top of my seat and throttled him.

2. Getting a hug from Sheri, the owner of the Loopy Ewe when we checked in. What a classy lady. She has everything organized so well at this retreat and has made us all feel so very welcome. Even took her husband and son around to each table last night to introduce them. Now THAT’S a family that supports each other.

3. Walking into a lobby full of knitters draped over every available space and working on all sorts of projects. You know that you’ve found your own kind when you can plop down and immediately join the conversation and feel right at home. That was so obvious when we’d watch people who WEREN’T knitters as they threaded their way through our group. They were bewildered, absolutely. Some came back numerous times trying to get a handle on what we were doing. Then there was my favorite….the elderly lady dressed to the nines who had the misfortune to be sitting down in a chair in an area that was inundated quickly by knitters. She was so obviously uncomfortable but trying to cling to her dignity (and sense of personal space) even though she looked like she was smelling something that had been dead for a month.


4. Over nine dozen gourmet cupcakes being carried into the lobby. Our group has been placing our orders for these cupcakes for a week prior to arriving here. Yesterday afternoon, volunteers arrived with our cupcakes and we lined up to pick up our orders. They were primo! Some of us ate them right in the lobby. I tried to maintain my dignity. I took mine up to the room and promptly ate the top off of one of mine. Nirvana!

5. Seeing, AND talking to some of my knitting heroines.I actually got to sit across from Wendy Johnson in the lobby and talk to her some as we knitted. I saw Cookie A. walk through the lobby. Allen, of NummaNumma was in our dinner group. And on the way back from the restaurant, Anne Hanson from Knitspot passed us and we stopped and admired her sweater. Honestly, it is so inspiring just to see them knitting. And this morning I get to take a class from Anne. Yippee! But now I have to close and head down for breakfast. Talk to you all later.


7 Responses

  1. Dee, I am so totally completely absolutely excited for you! As a knitter, I KNOW! Lucky, lucky you! Have a great time! (Wish I were there).

  2. MMMM, those cupcakes look awesome! Sounds like a fun convention!

  3. I looked online for the place where the spring fling is taking place, but couldn’t find it. Where are you?

    PS: I think I’m going to the Knit and Crochet Show in Portland next month…

  4. How fun to get together with a lot of other knitters! I need to take up kntting again! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  5. I love flying in aeroplanes but I hate the beginning and end of the flight – and yes i’m always thankful too when the wheels touch the tarmac.
    The cupcakes look so yummy.
    Great list – thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh I’m so glad you posted about this! Some day I’m going to go to a TLE retreat and it’s fun to hear just how wonderful it is. 🙂

  7. Great list, Dee! Have fun!

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