Casting Off for a Knitterly Adventure


In less than 24 hours, Lord willing, I’ll be on the plane and on my way to St. Louis, MO. It’s time for the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling. Even as I’m typing this, there are knitters all over the country (and a few outside the country) who are putting last minute items into their suitcases, doublechecking their knitting supplies, and winding their yarn. I’ve got my Kindle charging. Hey, first things first! They don’t call me “Booklassie” for nothing!


My laptop bag is waiting for me to unplug the laptop and pack it up. My papers are all in one envelope with my boarding pass, class schedule, and other assorted things to remember. My iTouch and charger are at the ready. I debated taking my laptop along but gee, I hate being separated from my laptop, email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, …..well, you get the idea, for too long so I caved in at the last minute and decided to schlep it along. I won’t have my hubby along this time to pick up the slack if I get tired of carrying everything but then, I’m skimping on clothes so I’ll have more room for yarn in my suitcase.


I’ve pulled some simple patterns off Ravelry so that I’ll have something easy to work on while we are all sitting around in the knitting lounge laughing and chatting. At first I had picked a shawl pattern with a rather complicated 16-row repeat and then I came to my senses and realized that I’d never be able to keep track of where I was and talk to everyone at the same time. This way I’ll have mindless knitting to do and can still plug into the conversations. Of course, then I had to pull the right yarns to use and wind them into balls. In fact, I was winding yarn at 12:45 a.m. this morning. Yawn!

I’ve checked my class supply list and double-checked it. I want to make sure that I’m not forgetting anything that I’ll need. For you non-knitters, this will mean nothing. But for you knitters, I’m going to be learning from Anne Hanson of Knitspot Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits will be there as will Cookie A. I have both of their books with me to get them autographed. Claudia from Wollmeise will be there and Miss Violet of  Lime and Violet fame at .  The creative geniuses behind NummaNumma yarn, Perfect Day Yarn , Tempted Yarns , and YoYo String Yarn will all be there.  All of these wonderful yarns are sold at The Loopy Ewe , which is my absolute favorite online knitting shop.

Whew, all that to say that I’ve got my clothes packed and just have to finish filling up my Tom Bihn knitting bag, gather my remaining knitting tools, and I’m good to go. I hope to have time to blog from the retreat, unless I get stuck in an elevator with George Clooney. Yup, George is filming a movie in St. Louis and staying near our hotel. But the chances of that happening are pretty slim. I’m more apt to succumb to overexcitement and fatigue. Needles aweigh, gang! Talk to you from St. Louis.


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  1. Hi Dee – It’s been great hanging out with you at the Fling.
    Books and Knitting rule!

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