If You Could Live Anywhere On Earth

Where would you live? If you could just pick up right now and move, do you have a favorite place in mind that you’d move to? For me, it’s always been anywhere I’m currently NOT living. Oh, I’ve had a few places in mind over the years that have seemed like front runners. I’ve also had a few conditions that I’d like to have met. I want to move where it is warm or mild year-round. It shouldn’t be too congested an area. High-crime locations need not apply. Picturesque would be nice but isn’t absolutely necessary.


Michigan – I’ve lived in a lot of places but spent most of my growing up years going back and forth between Minnesota and Michigan. For a lot of people, Michigan is a sportsman’s paradise. In all honesty, there are some lovely areas in Michigan, especially in Northern Michigan. Right outside of Flint, MI just doesn’t happen to be one of them. I couldn’t wait to leave Michigan when I was growing up and I have no desire to return there to live. Too cold and too depressing.


Minnesota – I love Minnesota, especially the rural areas. The Minnesota farming communities contain my kind of people. I could have been very happy remaining in Minnesota except for one or two little problems. They have tornadoes in the southwestern corner where our farm was. They also don’t have very long summers. Winter is cold. And the mosquitoes can be downright unpleasant if it has been a wet spring. Other than all of that, you can get land and homes pretty cheap.


Arizona – I lived in Arizona for a spell in the late 70’s. It was there that I had my first exposure to “desert landscaping.” Colored rock and cactus! How easy is that? Winters were marvelous. I used to call up my family in Michigan when I’d see on the news that they were getting another snowstorm and brag about sitting outside in my shirtsleeves. It was fantastic! Then I experienced my first summer with a car that didn’t have working air conditioning. It was hell! I suddenly understood why all the “snowbirds” left in April.

South Carolina – We lived outside of Charleston for almost two years. It was a beautiful state with such gracious people. I really enjoyed our time there. The winters weren’t balmy but they weren’t knee-deep in snow, either. Spring was out of this world. The flowering bushes and trees were a sight to behold. My first summer almost did me in there. I would shower in the morning, dress, and walk out the front door to walk to the curb to get the morning paper. By the time I’d get back to the door, I’d be soaked in perspiration and need another shower. The humidity was fierce. And the bugs! Oh my. The house we bought had been vacant for several months before we moved in and we soon discovered it was infested with fleas. We became very good friends with the exterminator. That was followed with a skirmish with termites and mole crickets. Ugh! Throw in a few hurricanes and I didn’t put up much of a fuss when it was time to move.

Washington, D.C. area – About the only thing nice I can say about this area was that there were a lot of cultural events that we could go see. It was horribly congested, housing prices were sky-high, and I never felt totally safe there. Oh, I just thought of something else nice to say about it…..both of our children were born there. And they do have beautiful flowering trees in the spring.


Germany – Lived here for almost three years. I liked Germany very much. It was so picturesque. The people were practically relatives since my dad’s side of the family are all Germans. The food was wonderful. I loved the scenery, the volksmarches, the music, and the language. I didn’t like the climate. It was darn cold in the winter and summers weren’t that great either. It seemed like one summer it would rain all summer long and the next summer we might have some sunny weather. I needed to polka or hike just to stay warm.


Greece – Greece was a magical place to live. The history woven through those isles is so rich. The colors of the water and sky and the whitewashed buildings are so vivid. I loved it there. I also found and married my husband there. Told you it was magical. It didn’t feel as much like home as Germany did. The Greeks have a whole different philosophy of life than the Germans do, but I sincerely enjoyed my time there. I could probably live there and be happy again but I’d have to find a place with central heating. Those marble floors were just too cold in the winter with only steam radiators to heat an apartment. I froze!

Pennsylvania – That brings us to Pennsylvania where we currently live. PA has some very lovely areas but I still find it too congested and much too cold for my liking. They have terrible roads. On the plus side, they have auctions, which are kind of neat. The biggest drawback is that we’ve lived here much too long. I think we’ve lived here at least 25 years. That’s just not right for someone who has to be free to move on and see what’s over the next ridge. I’m thinking I’d like to give Texas a try. They say that the Hill Country is quite beautiful. Or we could try Arkansas, or Tennesee, or…….


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