How to Post a Profile Pic on Facebook

My dear son set me up as the administrator of a group on Facebook recently and then called to let me know, after the fact. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a bad thing. The group was a good idea and there was and is a real need for it. The problem was that I didn’t know anything about Facebook and I had never used it before. Luckily I’m fairly computer literate plus I’m married to a computer geek so I figured things out fairly quickly. Once I started my administrating duties, however, I soon discovered that there were folks in my group who were not readily computer literate and did not have easy access to folks who could walk them through Facebook’s quirks.

Well, that was all the impetus I needed to get busy. In my previous job, I loved taking the different aspects of my job and translating them into written procedures. So I thought if I could do it for my job, I could certainly do it for my group members, some of who couldn’t even figure out how to post their profile pictures. So here is a quick and easy tutorial for how to get your profile picture up on your Facebook page.

1. Log into your Facebook account.


2. Click on “Profile” on the blue bar at the top of the Facebook screen.

3. Just to the right of your profile picture (or where it should be), you’ll see a series of tabs that include Wall, Info, Photos, and perhaps some other tabs. Click on “Photos.” This takes you to a new page that will show any photos you have uploaded plus albums you’ve created.


Don’t worry if you haven’t uploaded any photos. In that case, click on “Home”in the blue bar at the top of your Facebook page and look below the word “Facebook”. You will see a list of words, including the word “Photos”. Click on this word and then continue with the directions in Step #4.

4. We are going to create an album and upload photos that you can use for your profile picture. So now, look just below those tabs we talked about in Step #3, and you’ll see an oval button that says “+Create a Photo Album”. Click on this button. For those of you who had no photos to access so came via the Home page, you will see the words “Create an Album.” Click on those words.

5. At the next page, where it says “Album Name”, label it something like “Profile Pics.” You can leave “Location” blank. Under “Description” you can put something like “Photos to use for my profile.” Now you’ll see a spot that says “Privacy.” The word “Everyone” is probably currently showing in this area. Click on the down arrow by the word “Everyone” and change it to “Only Friends” – unless you want anyone to be able to see your photo albums. Now click on the blue button that says “Create Album.”


6. Now at this point, you are going to be taken to the screen where you will be uploading pictures. Since I don’t know what version of Java you have installed on your computers, I’d recommend that you just try the following uploading instructions and see what happens. If it works, you should be good to go. If it doesn’t work, then you will probably need to get the latest Java version. In the yellowish box, there is a link that says “Get the latest version” and that is where you would click to download Java’s latest version. But let’s see if you can bypass that, so on to Step 7.

7. Click on the first “Browse” button. A smaller window will pop up where you will find the folder that contains your pictures on your computer that you want to upload. Open the folder and highlight the picture you want to upload by single clicking on it and then click on the word “open” at the bottom of the window that popped up initially. The window should disappear and you’ll be back at the screen with the “Browse” buttons. Now you should see some writing in the space to the left of that first “Browse” button. If you have more pictures you’d like to upload into this album, click on the next “Browse” button, and repeat the same process, just picking a different photo this time. You can upload 5 pictures at a time.

8. Now click on the little box next to the statement that says “I certify that I have the right……” and then click on the blue button that says “Upload Photos.”

9. If you have the right version of Java and were successful, pretty soon you’ll see a new page pop up which says “Edit Album – (name of your album)” and then Upload Complete in a yellowish box directly below this. Your pictures will be displayed below the yellow box. I don’t worry about “notifying friends” or publishing the photos at this point. I start editing the photos.

10. Beside each photo is a Caption box. You can write a caption in here if you want. Click on your image in the photo (assuming it is a photo of you) and a list of you and your friends should pop up. Click on your name. You can also click on other people in the photo and then click on their names in the list that pops up. Their names won’t show up on the list if they aren’t “friends” with you on Facebook but you can type in their names in the little box provided. You are “tagging” yourself and others when you do this. What this means is that when someone looks at your photos, as they move their mouse over the photo, if you have “tagged” the people in the photo, their names will pop up as the viewer’s mouse moves over them.

11. Now click on “Save Changes” and then on Publish when another little box pops up saying that the photos haven’t been published yet.

12. Now go back to your Profile page (remember, you click on “Profile” on the blue bar at the top of Facebook). Go to where your picture should be and look beneath this. You should see the words “View photos of me.” Click on this.


13. A new page will pop up with the pictures you’ve uploaded of yourself (provided that you “tagged” them as being you (see Step #10) Click on a picture that you want to use as your profile picture and that picture will open up in another screen. Now scroll down below the picture and you’ll see the words in blue on the right side Share, Tag this photo, Edit This Photo, Delete This Photo, Make Profile Picture. You want to pick the last choice, which is “Make Profile Picture.”

14. A little white square will pop up on your picture. This is the size of the profile picture. Drag it around to highlight the area you want to appear on your profile. You can click on one corner, hold down on your mouse and drag to make it larger. Once you’ve got it the size you like and have moved it around to where you are happy with what is highlighted, then scroll up on the side of your screen and, in the yellow box, you’ll see a blue button that says “Done cropping.” Click on this. The cropping will work automatically and soon you’ll see the picture pop up on your profile page as your profile picture.

These instructions were written for the folks in my Facebook group who are having problems getting a profile picture posted. If they can help folks in a similar situation, that’s great.


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