I was THIS Close!


Here I was, tooling around Vancouver for an entire week! Knitting here and knitting there. Riding the ferry to Vancouver Island with my knitting in hand. Riding the ferry to Bowens Island with knitting in hand. Thinking all the time that the Yarn Harlot would be SO proud of me. Sitting in coffee shops knitting while chatting with family. It’s been a fine experience in this lovely corner of Canada, although I’m a tad downcast that I didn’t stumble across a yarn shop in my entire time in Vancouver. Luckily I came supplied with plenty of my own fiber supply to keep me going. I even managed to complete one mini mochi sock.


I started this sock in the Ampersand pattern by Kirsten Kapur when we flew out of Baltimore last week and finished the first sock early on last week. I love how the colors flow so beautifully from one shade to another. My only criticism of the mini mochi yarn would be that now and then there are big slubs in the yarn that tend to disrupt my nice tight stitches. But you sure can’t beat the great price of the yarn. I even had some yarn left over from the first skein after finishing my one sock. Another plus — you can do “spit joins” easily if you find any knots joining your yarn and you want to cut them out and rejoin the yarn.

But back to my Vancouver experience. Yesterday, I went up on Twitter and as I was reading the Tweets of folks I follow, I noticed that the Yarn Harlot herself had been sitting in Vancouver Airport waiting to catch a flight on to her home. I can’t believe it. We were in the same town at the same time! I was THIS close to being in the presence of my guru of knitting expertise. Dang! I wonder if breathing in the same air will result in any noticeable improvement in my knitting? I think it might be time to cast on that second Ampersand sock for my flight back home.


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  1. Dee, this is a fantastic story. In a mere few weeks my local knitting group (The Saskatoon Knitting Circle) will be inches away from the Oprah of Knitting! She is making a trip to and teaching a few classes at this year’s Haus of Stitches Saskatchewan Stitching Conference (Humboldt, SK). Yes, we all clogged their switchboard with calls and dragged our credit cards out of the wallets and signed up to spend a day with the Harlot herslef! SQUEEEEEEE. This is better than meeting Santa when we were kids 🙂

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