A Fitting View for This Booklassie


Yesterday we had to visit the Fish Market in Seattle where we watched vendors slinging fish through the air to be caught be other fishmongers (is that the right term?) and then boxed up fresh as can be for the customer. What a unique bunch of shops and merchants assembled in a few square blocks of Seattle. On the way back to our car, we fell in with a group who were on a “Coffee Bar Crawl.” We heard some of the tour guide’s spiel as we waited to cross the street and I thought to myself that this would be one tour I’d love to take. Can you imagine how hyper you’d be after touring and sampling the coffee samples in 15-20 shops? Whee!


We headed up to Vancouver, British Columbia in the afternoon and arrived here before supper. Our room is on the 15th floor of a hotel right across the street from the big library here in Vancouver. This is the view from our bedroom window. We are right downtown and can see the mountains in the background and that library……Oh my! Tomorrow my son has promised to take us over there to see the library in person and to enjoy some coffee in its cafe. But for tonight, after enjoying a 4-hour Sunday morning service at an Indonesian church and a 2 hour service in a much more reflective Baptist church in the evening, I’m ready to put my feet up and go to bed.


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