Friday’s Fave Five Reasons to Own an American Eskimo Dog


Can’t believe that it is Friday already and time for “Friday’s Fave Five” again. I logged onto my computer this morning and checked my email and the first thing to pop up was my daily agenda. I almost didn’t open it but decided to click on it and wow, here I was supposed to have the dog at the groomer’s in half an hour. Was I glad I have that handy little Google calendar up-to-date because I hadn’t transferred that particular appointment to our refrigerator calendar. But enough about scheduling oversights. All that to say that Fresca, the Wonder Dog is fresh on my mind today so I thought I’d give you five good reasons why an “Eskie” is a good dog to own.


1. You’ll never feel lonely with an Eskie. American Eskimo dogs are the original “Velcro” dogs. They follow you everywhere. Fresca sticks to me like glue. When I’m not around, she attaches herself to a substitute, in this case our son, Jason. She loves to be in the same room with me and no matter how many times I get up to do something, she’ll get up and follow me through the house and then back to her nap.


2. Eskies are the glamor dogs of the canine world. Don’t think for one minute that poodles are the glamor dogs. Eskies are showy and flashy and larger-than-life whether they are standard size or miniature size variations. One thing that Eskie owners get a lot is “how do you keep all that fur white?” Well, believe it or not, most Eskies are self-cleaning. They just keep themselves white. Fresca grooms herself like a cat. I generally take her to the groomer 3-4 times a year. In between all I have to do besides brushing her is wipe her paws if she’s been out in the mud. People are just naturally drawn to these beautiful animals. And that can be a problem, because they look so cute and fluffy but in actuality they are very protective dogs. So just a word to the wise, if you happen to meet one. Let them approach you and check you out before you try to pet them.


3. They are great watchdogs. Not much gets past an American Eskimo dog. They are very vigilant and always monitoring their surroundings. And they are LOUD! If they hear something, they’ll sound an alert that would make any would-be intruder think there was a much bigger dog on the premises. An Eskie’s ancestors were raised to do just that….sound the alarm if someone or some perceived threat approached. Our modern Eskies are still doing that, although it is more apt to be a squirrel or the mailman nowadays.

4. They’ll keep you warm. An Eskie coat in full bloom has an undercoat that is almost like goose down and an outercoat that is composed of straight guard hairs. I can sink my hands down to the wrist in Fresca’s coat and you wouldn’t believe how warm it is. When she sits on your lap, it’s like having your own personal heater. It’s wonderful in the winter. In most of these pictures, Fresca has her spring/summer clip so you aren’t seeing her in full coat. There is no requirement to shave Eskies. In fact, most owners don’t. We do because otherwise we end up with a house coated in white hair when she “blows” her coat in the spring. And since she’s an indoor dog, I don’t have to worry about her getting too cold or overheated. Plus she’s just so darn cute with that clip.


5. I think the biggest reason to own an American Eskimo Dog is that they’ll make you happy. How could you not look at that laughing face every day and not have your spirits soar? They have such expressive faces. Sometimes Fresca looks like a little baby seal. Other times (MOST of the time) she looks like a little scamp. Some of the Nordic dog breeds just have that ability to give you a big grin and the Eskie is one of them, although a shirttail relation. Fresca has even developed a talent for “smiling” and every so often I will look over and she is stretching her lips over her teeth and smiling at me, I swear it. I read somewhere that it has been documented that there are dogs who have been able to approximate the human smile in an effort to ingratiate themselves to their owners when they are begging for something. Usually this is observed in a dog who spends a great deal of time around humans. I tell you, Eskies are SMART dogs.

So there you have it. One word of caution, though. American Eskimo dogs are not for the novice dog owner. They can be challenging dogs to own because they have very strong personalities (some would call them stubborn) and their protectiveness can lead to them becoming very suspicious of strangers. However, they are one of the smartest breeds I’ve ever encountered and naturals for the agility course. Treat them with love and consistency, invest time in their training, and they will reward you with years of devotion.

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5 Responses

  1. Another reason is that they are adorable!

  2. It ‘almost’ makes me want to get an Eskie. 🙂

    Fresca sounds like a great dog!

    Oh–I just saw the Monkey socks–great knitting!

    Have a happy weekend, Dee.


  3. We we were thinking of getting a dog, this is the breed I wanted. I had looked up the rescue place and everything. It didn’t happen because the guys wanted a more MANLY dog (gigantic) so we remain dogless. Perhaps someday.

  4. I’ve always wanted an Eskie dog. They are so cute!

  5. Oh, that’s a shame. The females can look dainty but believe me, my female has had big service guys shaking in their shoes. They can sound fierce when they want to. Maybe you could convince them to go with a Samoyed? The current breed type has that “bear” muzzle and looks more solid but still has the smiling face of the Eskie. Good luck.

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