Thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica Finale

CAUTION, Friends.  There be SPOILERS here if you haven’t yet watched the final episode of “Battlestar Galactica.”  If you haven’t seen it yet……well, you might want to skip this post because I am going to be discussing some of the things that happened in the episode and how I interpret them.  OK, ’nuff said.

I’ll admit it.  I was downhearted as last Friday approached.  I couldn’t believe that “Battlestar Galactica” was coming to an end.  It’s how I felt when “Babylon 5” ended and “Star Trek: Next Generation” or Star Trek: Enterprise”, “Stargate,”….the list goes on.  You watch enough of those episodes over the years and the characters become like family, at least in our house.   I didn’t want to see BSG become some crispy fry in a supernova somewhere.  But as sad as I was, the ending was awesome.  It had enough twists and quirks in it to keep us guessing but enough loose ends tied up to leave us feeling satisfied.  So here are my thoughts on some of the plot angles.

1.  Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin – This mature romance was a lovely addition to the story arc in the final seasons.  As the end drew near, the writers could have taken the easy way out and given Laura a miraculous cure again but they didn’t.  In the final episode, it was pretty obvious that she was living on borrowed time.  When the story reached the point where Admiral Adama offers to take Laura up in the aircraft to get a closer look at the wildlife, I just lost it.  I was so sure that he was going to run it straight into the ground as soon as she died, thinking that he wouldn’t want to live without her.  Thank goodness that the writers decided to let him live on, although apart from the others on the site he had picked out for a cabin, next to the grave of his beloved Laura.  At least that is what I hope happened.  We don’t really know if he actually built a shelter or went out and found food.  For all we know, he could have just sat there wasting away.  But I like to think that he wouldn’t do that, even if it was only as a gesture to Laura’s fighting spirit that never gave up until her last breath.

2.  The Sharon/Helo/Boomer Triangle – First, I’m glad that Sharon finally forgave Helo for getting hoodwinked by Boomer.  I mean, the poor guy.  How was he supposed to know?  Thank goodness that they finally worked together to get Hera back.  And you had to feel for Boomer.  Once Hera woke up on the long flight back to the Cylons, she started melting Boomer’s toaster heart.  I could see the wheels turning when the Cylons ordered the medical experiments on Hera.  I hoped that Boomer would come to the rescue and she did.  I suppose it was inevitable that Sharon would take her final revenge on Boomer once Hera was safe but I really hoped that there might be a little mercy shown there.  A mother’s love can be fierce, though.

3.  Tory’s Secret Revealed – First off, did anyone else find it a little strange that Galen would so easily turn over his baby to that Viper pilot after it was revealed that Galen wasn’t the real father?  I know it wasn’t really his baby but he had “thought” it was his baby all those months and it was Cally’s baby, who he loved, didn’t he?  OK, I have to say that I was not sad to see Galen snuff out Tory after seeing how she had murdered Cally.  Tory was always a cold, unsympathethic character who I found to be much more believeable as a “toaster” than as a human.  Besides, I didn’t want the Cylons to get the Resurrection machine anyway.

4.  Baltar’s Redemption – You just had to figure that a guy as weasely as Baltar couldn’t be ALL bad.  Somewhere down the pike, I figured he had to do something right.  We had glimpses of it in the last season but every time I thought he was going to act honorably, he’d revert back to his selfish ways and drop another notch in my estimation.   Finally, in the last episode, he takes a stand and stays behind with the Galactica crew to battle the Cylons, knowing that it will probably be to his death.  I loved the part where he and Caprica are suited up for battle and waiting for the action to begin.  He’s as nervous as can be but she is battle-hardened and trying to reassure him.  You just know that for once in his life, he’s going to do the right thing.   And the little flashbacks where we start to understand what is driving his pride and lack of confidence, given his background where fascinating.  It was perfect at the end when he makes the comment to Caprica that he knows about farming because he came from a farm.

5.  The secret of the music revealed – this, to me, was a little shaky.  How could Starbuck sit there at that piano and play it on more than one occasion, with this guy talking to her,  without recognizing that it was her father?  And the whole drawn-out thing where she is trying to figure out what those dots are on the page with Sam in the tank.  I never did quite figure out how she came up with the numbers as equivalents to the dots.  I guess the 4 Cylons on the ship (Tory, Sam, Galen, and Saul) had those notes in their heads because it was some sort of “homing” signal given to Cylons so they could find their way back to Earth.  So who triggered that music that “activated” them in the first place?  And I guess it was divine intervention that caused Starbuck to have that flash of intuition right at the critical time to enter the coordinates so the Galactica could make the jump and get to Earth.  Come to think of it, that was really her reason for coming back to the battleship which leads us to my next comment……

6.  Sometimes it takes an angel – So Kara Thrace was dead but she came back .  That was some scene, by the way, when her viper appears and Lee sees her at the helm after she had been missing for so long.  But I digress.  An even better scene was when they found their way to the planet that was polluted and she found her dead body with the dogtag around the remain’s neck.  Whoa!   She sure acted like someone alive for the remaining episodes though.  She wasn’t fading in and out.  Once in awhile, she’d burn her hand on purpose and I couldn’t tell if she was actually feeling anything or not.  That would have given us a clue.  But the ending finally gives her the chance to fulfill her destiny and save the earth’s remnants.  Was it just me, though or did you find it rather strange that the star-crossed romance between Lee and Kara was all based on one drunken night that was never consummated back when she was married to his brother?  And then she marries poor Sam out of guilt but doesn’t really love him but only realized too late that she does love him when Sam is a veggie in a pool of liquid.  Ooh boy!  I’m glad that the writers didn’t make this arc a “happy ever after” ending but instead whisked Kara away when her job was done.

7.  We see angels. – I don’t know what the heck the “traveling Caprica and Baltar” were supposed to be.  They were supposedly from the far future and were popping in and out of the final episode, trying to manipulate or encourage events to happen.  Sometimes they were just doing commentary.  Galactica’s Baltar thought they were angels.  Maybe they were time travelers.  But then, what were Kara and the “piano player?”  They appeared to be angels sent to “help” for a specific time.

8.  The Cylon/Galactica Battle Scene – all I’ll say about this was that it was awesome.  I was on the edge of my seat through the whole battle, flinching here, ducking there, yelling at the TV for favorite characters to “watch out.”  When the Galactica finally jumped, I was drained.

9.  Earth – I thought the way the writers brought in anthropology and archaeology into these final scenes was pretty amazing.  The survivors arrive on earth in spaceships and land in areas populated by primitive societies.  Think of some of the cave drawings and land drawings here on earth of objects that resemble spacecraft or people in spacesuits.  This would track, wouldn’t it?  Then the Galactica folks decide to divide up and fly groups to different areas around the earth to settle.  Galen wants to go off by himself to a remote area.  Could he have been the “ancestor” of the Eskimos?  You had so many races on Galactica and now they are spreading across Earth.  Instead of continental drift or land bridges, it was spaceships that brought different people groups to different areas.  Hera, Sharon, and Helo are one family group that heads off and it indicates that Hera is going to be trained as a hunter.  But then the final scene shows the “modern day” Caprica and Baltar talking about the remains of a half-Cylon and half-human child that were found in modern-day Tanzania who apparently lived 150,000 years earlier.  It hints that the child was Hera but this would mean that a.  Hera died young (our last view of her is running through the grass with a spear) and b.  that many of us are part Cylon.  So was the child’s remains a child of Hera’s?  Or another child of Sharon and Helo?  This part, I’m not so sure about.

10.  Doomed to Repeat Itself? As the story ends, we see robots made up to look like humans and these robots currently exist in our time.  We are left to wonder if the human race is doomed to go through the same thing with robots revolting and turning on their creators and thus the whole cycle begins again.  Depressing thought, eh?


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