When Your Last Baby At Home is a Dog

It had to happen. I’ve been reduced to posting videos of my dog on YouTube. This would have happened sooner, my friends, but I didn’t have a camcorder to take all those sappy little movies. However, we have now rectified that little oversight. Thanks to the marvels of miniaturization (and my love of gadgets), I bring you the Flip Mino HD.


Is this cool or what? First of all, it’s so darn tiny. I love the size of it. You can slip it in your pocket or purse and it is only 4 inches tall. Its depth is only about half an inch. And now that we have a hi-def television, we loved the fact that it comes in a hi-def version. Another fun feature is the fact that you can customize the case. If you go up on the Flip website http://www.theflip.com/index.shtml , you can click on the model you like and then click on “Design Gallery” and browse through all the styles available. If none of those suit your fancy, you can even upload one of your own images and use it. The design we chose was “Passport to the World” and it is one of the company’s Shared for Good designs. For every 7 camcorders they sell with a Shared for Good design, they will donate one camcorder to charity.

This little Flip camcorder has a handy USB plug that “flips” out from the end of it at the handy press of a button on the top and you then plug it into your computer and the software that comes with it loads it into a nifty editing program. From there you can easily send it up to several different video sharing sites. I chose YouTube because it seemed pretty easy to use. So now I’m up there with all the other video nuts. Oh sure, maybe at some point I’ll post an informational video on some subject that I’m quite the expert on. Can’t think off-hand what it might be except maybe eating donuts but for now, I give you our first video shot on the Flip and “Fresca, the Wonder Dog.”


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  1. I confess…there are videos of Elphaba on youtube as well. It was the best way for people to see how darn cute she was when I was living in PA!

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