The Sky is Falling!


Oh, no! I made the mistake of turning on the radio today and heard that the polar ice caps are going to be completely melted away within either 3 years or 30 years due to global warming. I’m not sure if Pennyslvania is far enough inland to avoid the catastrophic flooding that would result but I know I’d feel a lot more secure in the good ‘ole state of Minnesota. Either way, it’s not good news. Looks like Henny Penny was right. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

In the meantime, the economy continues to tank. Homes worth $100,000 are selling for $19,000 in Michigan where we just happen to be trying to sell my mom’s house so we can give the proceeds to Medicaid and one article reported that many are being bought up for $1.00 by vultures, er…investors. So many that we know are losing their jobs or having hours cut back. The Obamas are urging folks to plant Victory Gardens. I’m thinking I’d rather invest in a nearby organic farmer’s coop program this summer. Our governor can’t come up with a balanced budget so he’s threatening state workers with layoffs and looking at new places to put gambling to generate more revenue. Gee, that’s just what we need when times are tough….more places for folks to lose their money. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.


Our economic woes have caused a ripple effect around the world and now we have rioting breaking out in different countries. China is calling us a deadbeat borrower (well, they DO have a point). Countries that hate us are working hard to develop nuclear bombs. Then again, I can’t come up with too many countries that seem to like us, openly at least. I’m trying to remember if I still have everything gathered in the basement that the last Homeland Security missive recommended that we all keep on hand in case of terrorist attack. I know I have a hatchet somewhere that I purchased as we approached the year 2000, just in case I had to chop up the furniture to burn in the fireplace if the power grid went down. I also have a big roll of heavy-duty vinyl and duct tape that we are supposed to use to tape up windows and doorways in case of biological or chemical attack. Actually, I’ve been thinking of using it to cut into smaller squares for birthing kits to send to Zimbabwe with a missionary friend of mine. She said that most of the women there are so poor that they have to give birth out on the ground. She takes small kits with essentials like twine to tie off the umbilical cords and vinyl to lay down on the ground so they have a clean place to lie on. Somehow, that just seems like a worthier use of this roll of vinyl than having it sit in my basement waiting for doomsday. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


I made a half-hearted attempt to log into my investment account online to see if I should maybe reallocate some money into different funds but I couldn’t log in. I kept getting the message that I had exceeded the number of incorrect log-in attempts. Hmmm, I haven’t tried to log in there in years. Maybe it was someone in Congress looking for additional funds for the bailouts. I thought I’d watch a little TV after that experience to help settle my nerves and caught the end of a report on the escalating violence in Mexico and how it is spilling over into our border states with citizens being kidnapped off our streets and held for ransom. No wonder my cousin just hightailed it back to Minnesota from Brownsville, Texas. It’s enough to make a person sick but I don’t want to put any extra burden on the health care industry because we don’t have the universal health care plan in place yet. I haven’t read where the extra money for that little program will be coming from and I’m not sure I’ll be able to read about it when they DO disclose that information because our electric company now tells us that our electrical bills will be going up by about 36% next year. I might be reading by candlelight. Take cover! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

So now that I’ve had my little panic party, I’m coming out from under the table and taking a closer look at that sky. By golly! It’s blue and the sun is shining. There might be a storm on the horizon but as long as the boat is afloat, we, as a country have hope and we can change course. Come on, Henny Penny, give me a hand with these sails and we’ll race the wind.


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