The Fun (and Perils) of Assigning Ringtones


I love to assign specific songs as ringtones for specific people on my phone. It’s fun to match lyrics to personalities or interests and it’s also a neat way to identify who is calling you. For example, my daughter has the song “Hello, Baltimore!” assigned to her because she lived in Baltimore until quite recently. My brother, who is a pilot, has the song, “I’ll Fly Away” as his ringtone. My sister-in-law loves to shop and is always a willing accomplice when I need a shopping fix. Her ringtone is “Shop Around.” Our son, who seems to have inherited his mother’s wanderlust, has had assigned to him at various times, “On the Road Again” and “Travelin’ Man.” And I assigned the song “Love Machine” to my husband (long story and we won’t go into it here).

There IS a certain amount of risk involved when you have songs, or noises for that matter, as ringtones. Sometimes they can sound off at the most inappropriate times. I remember one funeral I attended. We were at a particularly solemn part of the service when the lady’s phone in front of me started playing a cheery little number. She dived for her purse and tossed through its contents for what seemed like a very long time until she finally found her phone and shut it off. I can’t tell you exactly how long it took her before she shut it off because I was trying to sneak a peek at my own phone to see if I had remembered to put it on “vibrate.” Judging from the many others I observed in the sanctuary who were suddenly taking quite an interest in their own phones, I wasn’t the only one.

Perhaps the worst thing that ALMOST happened to me, though, was in church one December morning. The choir was presenting a mini-cantata with narration and songs. I was running late and had not taken the time to greet my husband when I came in. He’s head usher so he goes into church early to make sure everything is ready for the services. I was sitting near the front of the sanctuary. The choir had reached a point where the angel appears to Mary prior to her becoming “with child.” Just as the narrator said, “And the angel said unto her,……” I felt my purse vibrate. Hmmm, someone must be calling my phone. I just ignored it and continued to enjoy the cantata. After the service, I came out into the foyer and my husband said, “There you are. I thought something had happened when I didn’t see you come in so I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.” Suddenly, I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks as I realized that if I had NOT put my phone on “vibrate”, our Christmas cantata would have forever gone down in history as the year that the angel said to Mary, “I’m just a love machine. And I won’t work for nobody but you.” Oh, man! Was I ever glad that hadn’t happened.


On another note entirely, you knitters might appreciate this little knitting ball silver bead that fits on Pandora bracelets. I just got it from an Ebay vendor and it is the cutest thing. I believe he has others for auction on Ebay. If you do a search for “knit ball bead” it should come up.

That’s all for today. Happy ringtone hunting!


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