Friday’s Fave Five Housecleaning Items I Love


As I was cleaning the bathroom this morning and thinking about what I was going to write about for my Fave Five posting today, voila! It hit me. I’ll tell you what my top five housecleaning items are. Perhaps what I was doing at the time had a wee bit of influence over my brainstorm but I’ll take me inspiration where I finds it. Eh?

Electric Broom – Electric brooms are great if you have laminate flooring AND pets. These portable little gems suck that dog hair right up without bringing out the “big gun” – my Dyson vacuum.

Pre-moistened towelette cleaning wipes – Choose whatever brand you like. Most cleaning brands now offer these in disposable wipes. I keep a package under each bathroom sink and each morning, after I’ve used the bathroom, I grab a wipe or two and wipe down the bathroom counter, sink, and toilet. It’s amazing how clean your bathrooms will look with a minimum of fuss if you do this daily.

Rustic Touch Furniture Care spray from Melaleuca – I hesitate to recommend a certain brand but this stuff is golden. I’ve never found anything that buffs up my wood to a mirrored shine that lasts with a minimum of elbow grease like this stuff. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it in stores. You have to find someone who sells Melaleuca products and order it from them. This is a seriously awesome product.

Rubber broom – I found my first rubber broom at a pet show. They often have vendors selling these at shows like this because they are great for sweeping up pet hair from linoleum floors or any hard surfaced floor. Various companies sell them. Here is a link to one company to show you what they look like. I’ve tried regular brooms over the years but these rubber brooms are much better at gathering the dust bunnies, hair, dirt, etc. from your floors. And don’t bother with a dust pan. I use a wet paper towel to pick up the gathered dirt after I’ve swept the floor. It is so much easier. With a dust pan, I was always leaving stuff and would have to make numerous passes to get all the dirt into the dust pan. With a wet paper towel, I plop the towel over the dirt and gather the towel up without having to touch the debris and it works like a charm. If you have a few bits of dirt that remain, use the same paper towel and press down on the dirt like you are blotting a stain and it will stick to the towel. Then just throw the towel in the trash.

Pet Hair Remover Sponge – These are those bright yellow hard sponges that you see by the cash registers at places like Walmart, Linens & Things, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and JoAnn Fabrics. They work like a charm on upholstered fabric to get your pet’s hair off. I have Fresca, the Wonder Dog who blows her coat twice a year (more on that tomorrow) and she just has to look at our furniture to ensure a cloud of white fur will descend on it. I’ve tried vacuuming the stuff off but what a pain. The easiest thing to do is whip out the little sponge and make some quick passes and I’ve got a handful of neatly compressed hair to throw away and a sofa or chair that you can once again sit on.

Windex with Ammonia – ok, one more for good measure. Windex is my dream cleaning item of choice. I love this stuff. I spritz my counters with it and then wipe them off with paper towels. (Oh yes, I usually have a plastic shopping bag draped over one wrist as I clean so I can easily pop those used paper towels into it as I go and then the bag is ready to knot up and go into the trash can when I’m finished.) I clean my mirrors with it. The stainless steel trashcans get cleaned with the stuff. It works great on dirty bathroom or kitchen floors. If I have a particularly stubborn grimy spot, I just spritz it with Windex, wait a minute and then wipe it with a paper towel. The grime wipes off like magic from the floor. Once a week, I Windex my laminate flooring. Yes, you read that right. Since you aren’t supposed to mop your laminate floors like you would mop a linoleum floor (the laminate can warp), I just spray a small area with Windex and then use my Swifter floor broom with a duster cloth on it to wipe the floor. Since the Windex has ammonia on it, it dries so quickly that it won’t warp the laminate but it WILL clean off the grime.

So there you have it –the tools of my housecleaning arsenal. Of course, I have the normal vacuum and mops for more aggressive cleaning but really, with the items above, I can keep a pretty clean house and only have to vacuum the carpeted areas once a week. That leaves me more time for fun things like reading, blogging, and knitting. Head on over to Susanne’s blog to see what others are blogging about for their Friday Fave Fives.


5 Responses

  1. What a great list, Dee!

    Cleaning wipes are worth their weight in gold. We love them, too!

    Thanks for the link on the rubber broom. I’ve never heard of them before. They’re so affordable, I think I’ll invest in one for us.

  2. You’re the cleaning diva! I’ll check in to your suggestions. Says Willow, who is going to spend her Friday morning off from school doing her weekly cleaning šŸ™‚

  3. Dee, I just read your About Me section. You’re a knitter and spinner! Yay! Me, too! Willow

  4. I don’t know if I have seen a rubber broom before, but now I will keep my eyes open for one!

  5. I love my cleaning wipes. Definitely make things easy. Great list.

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