It’s an Oberon and I’m in Love

oberon-kindle-cover My Kindle, Amazon’s nifty electronic wireless reading device, has a brand new cover and I can’t tell you gorgeous it is, but I’ll try. Somewhere in my wanderings on the Web, I came across a reference to a company named Oberon Design . I was captivated by what I saw and knew that I had to have one of their handcrafted covers for my Kindle. After ooohing and aaahing over the different designs to choose from, I decided on the Creekbed Maple design.

A big problem with the original cover that came with my Kindle (I have the first version of the Kindle), was that it was very hard to get the Kindle seated in there securely. I never did get the hang of it and neither, apparently, did many other Kindle owners. Beloved Kindles were falling out of the original covers much too easily for my peace of mind. Luckily, the Oberon Kindle covers are designed to solve that problem. They feature three very secure leather tabs that fit over three corners of your Kindle. The fourth corner of the Kindle is secured by a mini bungee band. This little band is easily slipped off if you want to access the wireless switch and the On/Off switch on the back of the Kindle. I can verify that this corner strap system does the job. I put my baby in there and proceeded to open it up, turn it upside down, and shake it and my Kindle never budged. Wunderbar! The inside of the Oberon cover also has a pocket where you can put a business card (notice my little Moo mini-card) or a memory stick and there are side pockets to hold a few papers. They’ve even put a wool felt pad on the left to protect the Kindle’s screen when the cover is shut.


When the case is closed, you can still access the plug in ports for your headphones or your external charger since the Oberon folks have cleverly designed the leather tabs to allow access to these areas. Also, the cover leather is thick enough that you can clip on most small reading lights which is good to know if you like to read in bed when your spouse is sleeping.


How about this handcast pewter button made in the Oberon studios out of lead-free pewter? When my cover arrived, the folks at Oberon had slipped in a little pewter charm featuring the tree of life design as a little gift. How cute. If you are a pewter enthusiast, you really need to visit their website just to drool over the money clips, jewelry, belt buckles, and scent amulets, just to name a few of their unique products.

Now that Amazon has released the Kindle 2 in a slightly different size, I noticed that Oberon is coming out with Kindle covers that will fit the new Kindle 2 size. They are currently taking pre-orders for those and of course, they will continue to sell the covers for the original Kindle.

It’s a beaut, isn’t it?

Oberon Kindle Cover Opened to Show Exterior

Oberon Kindle Cover Opened to Show Exterior


2 Responses

  1. the Kindle’s main selling point for me is it’s text-to-specch feature

  2. That does sound like it’s going to be a really neat feature on Kindle 2. I’m so tempted to spring for the new Kindle but so far have resisted. My original version is still working fine. Of course, I COULD sell it, I’m sure.

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