Wherein I Find My Courage

No longer afraid of my own shadow!

No longer afraid of my own shadow!

I was a sight to behold. I marched right into that Gastroenterology Clinic without a moment’s hesitation. My hands were steady as a rock as I removed my coat and scarf. I leaned back nonchalantly in the waiting room chair, cracking jokes with others in the room and adding my own commentary to the CNN news blasting from the TV high up on the wall. I even found time to do some knitting on a sock and demonstrate the Magic Loop method to a nurse who walked past. I didn’t even flinch when the door to the inner sanctum was flung open.

Honestly, I hardly recognized this new, braver version of myself. Ask any of my friends and family and they’ll be the first to tell you that I am all jittery nerves, anxiety attacks, doom and gloom, and hysteria and that’s just at the THOUGHT of going to the doctor. Not today, my friends. I had nerves of steel. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you’re just the “designated driver” for a friend who’s having a colonoscopy.


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