I Moo with Cards – Do You?

Thanks to some of my knitter friends, I’ve discovered an English company that makes the most delightful business cards. Their name is “Moo” and how could I NOT fall in love with them, given my dairy farm heritage? Let me introduce you to the charms of “Moo Cards.”

Modern, Unique, and Hard-to-beat!

Modern, Unique, and Hard-to-beat!

The first thing you notice about Moo cards is that they are an unusual size. They are smaller than your average business card and they are skinny. They are about 2 3/4″ long by 1 1/8″ wide. The next thing you notice is that this company knows how to package their products. The cards come in cute little hard plastic boxes wrapped up in colorful cardboard binding.

What a variety!

What a variety!

Allowing tremendous variety for no extra cost is one of the perks you get when ordering your Moo mini cards. The minimum order is a packet of 100 mini cards and you may pick up to 100 images for your cards. Wow! Choosing those images is so much fun and Moo makes it easy for you to see what the final image will look like after it walks you through the step of cropping your images to fit the cards. Then you have the fun of choosing what text you will put on the back of your cards but don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of choosing 100 different texts. That’s not an option. You put the same text on all 100 cards.

Dispense your cards in style!

Dispense your cards in style!

Moo also sells these neat little dispensers for your mini-cards that have a ring to clip onto your key chain or your purse. The top slides left or right and then you can use your thumb to slide a card out. Very slick! The dispensers come in bright orange, buffo black, white, and hot pink (my descriptions, not theirs). Moo.com sells the cards for $19.99 for 100 mini-cards and the dispensers are $4.99. They sell other styles of dispensers, too but these are my favorites.

Use your moo cards for Gift Tags.

Use your moo cards for Gift Tags.

Moo cards don’t have to be used for just business cards. You can have them printed up as gift tags and put closeup images of your finished knitting or quilting or other crafting on the other side. You can also order text mini-cards using designs that Moo has available. Some of their suggestions are “We’re moving” cards or “New Baby” cards or even “Good for One Hug” cards. You really are limited only by your imagination. And speaking of imagination, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few fellow Moo card enthusiasts out here on the Web who enjoy exchanging and collecting each others’ Moo cards. It is quite fascinating to see the different designs that people have come up with for their cards. In a way, it reminds me of the way ham operators exchange QSL cards with each other.

Have I wet your appetite for checking into Moo.com? Head over to http://www.moo.com/ and check out all that they have to offer.  Soon you’ll be Moooo’vin and groovin’ with the rest of us.


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