That Bag Costs What?

It was a beautiful day today so it took me only 30 seconds to consider my daughter’s invitation to join her for a day of shopping at the Prime Outlets in Hagerstown, MD. The outlets are only about an hour and a half drive from my house through rolling countryside.

I had forgotten how many stores are at that outlet center. My goodness. I had foolishly assured my hubby that I’d be home by mid-afternoon but in actuality, we were just sitting down for lunch around that time. And boy, were there a lot of people there. You sure wouldn’t have known that there was any economic recession going on.

I found some bargains (70% off the sale price) at the Liz Claiborne store and a comfy pair of slip-ons at L. L. Bean and then my shopping was pretty much done. Of course, I had to sample all the dipping sauce samples in the kitchen supply store. One in particular, Creme Brulee sauce, was extra good. They even supplied chocolate covered pretzels to dip into it. Yummy!

What's in a name brand? We had one last place that Laura wanted to stop and that was the Coach store. I’m not a Coach aficionado but apparently there are plenty of them out there. Holy cow, the place was packed. I gravitated over to the outer walls where they were advertising handbags that were 50% off. I idly picked one up and checked out the price tag. $289! What? The darn thing didn’t even have a strap that you could put over your shoulder. You’d have to hold it in your hand.

A lady was standing next to me and she said, “I can’t understand why they can’t make straps that you can sling over your shoulder.”

I tried to look like the kind of person who would plop down $289 for a purse and said, “Oh, I know. It seems to be the style this season, though.”

“And why,” she continued, “do they have to put all this clunky metal hardware on the purses? You can’t do anything with it.”

“It’s dreadful, isn’t it?” I agreed. “Just cheapens the whole effect.” In the meantime I was hoping she wouldn’t notice my orthopedic-looking clog tennis shoes or the black knit pants covered in Fresca the Wonder Dog hair. I edged away toward my daughter.

Laura was looking at handbags that were only marked down by 20%. I picked up one that was a nice apple green color. It was over $320. I dropped it like a hot potato. Then I picked it up again and really looked it over. Gee whiz! It didn’t even have any useful features. The strap was too short. There were no outer pockets to slip your keys into so you had to unbuckle this complicated looking strap to get the purse open and then when I looked inside, it was hardly roomy enough to carry the items that I schlep around. On top of that, it didn’t even have the distinctive logo design on the outside to let folks know that it was a “Coach” purse. The only thing that proclaimed it to be a Coach product were the metal rings around the latch of the purse and you’d have to have your nose up to the purse to read those.

Pay your mortgage or buy a purse?

Pay your mortgage or buy a purse?

As we headed out the door, I looked back at the line of people waiting to pay at the cash register. It stretched to the back of the store. Some people were holding 2 or 3 purses to purchase. “What did they do with them?” I wondered. Did they just walk around places with the purse on their arm hoping someone would stop them and say, “Ooh, is that a Coach purse?” I just didn’t get it.

But then, a lot of people probably don’t understand why I’d buy a skein of yarn to make a pair of socks for $30 or multiple skeins at $28 a skein to knit up a sweater that I could probably purchase for $40 on sale. We each have our weaknesses, don’t we? As my mom used to say…”Each to his own. The old lady kissed a cow.” Moooove over Coach. I have some yarn shopping to do.


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  1. Unfortunately, both purses AND yarn are my weakness. (But my purses all have shoulder straps, lack tacky hardware and have plenty of inner and outer pockets.)

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