Multi-tasking Dervish

I hit the ground running this morning.  We have an evening of fun planned with friends tonight, meeting up for dinner and games. But to earn some time off, first I have to get some things done.  Tomorrow’s the big day –Super Bowl Sunday!  We’re having friends over to watch the game on our big HDTV and that means not just cleaning up the house, but also getting the “game plan” (pun intended) down for the array of appetizers and snacks that will be devoured during the action.  Last year I ended up spending more time going up and down the stairs between the TV room and the kitchen ferrying food back and forth that I missed most of the commercials and everyone knows that the ads are the best part of the game.  This year I am determined that this will not happen.  All food will be set up down in the TV room when the game starts and then, if anyone needs something, they can run up and get it themselves.  We’re all good enough friends that I think there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

Lasagna Rolls

Lasagna Rolls

So far today I have fixed three meals to add to the meals I’ve already finished and frozen for a friend who is going to be laid up after surgery.  Yeah, I know!  The lasagna rolls don’t look very appetizing but they smell really good.  Trust me!  You see, they looked a lot better when they came out of the oven but when I had to transfer them from the baking dish to the disposable, freezable container, everything got all sloshed together.  I’m hoping that the Texas Toast I am sending over will sweeten the deal.

Descaling the Keurig.

Descaling the Keurig.

As I was cooking, I realized that I had forgotten to descale the Keurig machine at the beginning of the week.  “Might as well do that while I’m working in the kitchen,” I thought.  So out came the vinegar and I’ve been running it through the machine while stirring dumplings into my chicken and dumpling stew, adding cheese to the top of the lasagna rolls, and stir-frying the cajun chicken and shrimp.  This might not have been such a great idea because adding the smell of hot vinegar to the culinary smells already wafting through the kitchen might be a little bit of sensory overload.

Fish Hat #2 Waits for its Eyes.

Fish Hat #2 Waits for its Eyes.

In the meantime, I’ve finished Micah’s fish hat and need to sew on the eyes.  I figured I could assemble everything I need to sew them on while I’m in-between stirring, descaling, and planning.  Thank goodness that I took the time to blog this because I just realized that I have the darn fish belly up.  I need to flip her over so I don’t sew the eyes on her tummy.   “Haste makes waste” , as my mom would say.

Let me at that dog hair!

Let me at that dog hair!

Every time I glance over towards the piano, I see the Dyson.  It is sitting over there mutely mocking me.  I know what it is thinking.  “Surely a capable multi-tasker like you could take a few swipes at the dog hair rolling around under the chairs on one of your trips down the hall,” it says accusingly.  “You just hang on,” I think.  “Your turn is coming.”

And do you know what I dreamed last night?  I was cleaning my floors all night with Windex!  How sick is that?   Not only was I cleaning them in my dreams, but I was also standing back and inspecting them to see if I’d missed any spots.  Sheesh!  Where’s Mr. Sandman?  I want a refund for last night.

It will all be worth it though tomorrow, dirty house or clean house, when the Steelers win.  Go Pittsburgh!


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