Friday’s Fave Five Philosophical Questions I’ve Been Pondering

What were your five fave things this week?

What were your five fave things this week?

I’ve been pondering some questions this week as I’ve been going about my daily routine……researching on the computer, chatting on the computer, writing on the computer, and the normal household drudge.   So I do believe it is time to share my fave five philosophical questions from this week with you.  If you’d like to read what others are faving from their week, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story .

1.  Question #1 – Why is thin wasted on the very aged?  When I visit the nursing home to visit with my mom, I see so many elderly there who have lost their appetites and are pencil thin.  But they are at the age when they should be allowed to eat anything they want.  They’ve earned it.  If a 95-year-old wants a donut, who cares if it gives them high cholesterol?  If it still gives them pleasure, let them have it.  But they don’t want it!  They have no appetite.  What’s with that?  And in a cruel irony, here are all of us women of a certain age struggling with weight issues, ready to seriously bite the hand that would dare try to grab that donut away from us and we can’t get thin for love nor money.

2.  Question #2 – Why did God design our bodies to have slower and slower metabolisms as we age, yet didn’t decrease our appetites proportionately?  OK, this is related to Question #1.  It seems a cruel twist of fate that the older we get, the less we have to eat in order to just maintain our weight.  Yet we still have the same appetite we had when we were younger.  The way to get around this seems to be to eat less and exercise more.  Yet as we age, we feel less and less like exercising.  Hmmm, I just don’t get it.

3.  Question #3 – Whose bright idea was it to have children at a later age so that the adolescent years would coincide with a woman’s menopausal years?  Warning to women of childbearing age – Give this some thought when planning your families.

Question #4 – Why does a sunny day lift our spirits so much?  Maybe I’m just one of those folks suffering from SAD, which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  SAD folks find that the short days of winter tend to make them feel gloomy and studies are finding out that it is because there are less hours of sunlight.  But what is it about sunlight that gives us that extra boost?  I love sunny days (and we happen to be having one right now in my little neck of the woods).  I have to think that the Garden of Eden was sunny most of the time or else Adam and Eve would have been feeling the chill in their birthday suits.  I hope Heaven will be sunny which leads me to my last question for this week.

Question #5 – What are we going to look like when we are resurrected?  Our Sunday School class took a detour last week to discuss where do we go right after we die.  Then today, as I was reading the Feb. 2 issue of Newsweek, I happened to see an article entitled “God’s Miraculous Makeover.”   Did you know that 80% of Americans think they’ll go to Heaven when they die but only half of Americans think that resurrection will be something physical instead of just something involving the spirit or soul?  The Bible is full of clues but I don’t think any of us know for sure on this side of Heaven.  Just in case we rise up looking a bit like ourselves, I wonder if I’m going to look like I did at 20 or now or when I die?  If I had my druthers, I’d like to put in a request to resurrect in a younger, thinner form with 20/20 vision and long, thick wavy hair.  Just in case, ya know?

So what are your Friday Fave Five things?  You can comment here and then go over and check out Susanne’s site and join the fun next Friday.


13 Responses

  1. Welcome to Fave Fives! Quite the questions, Dee! LOL. #3 cracked me right up! But sooo true. My husband and I have discussed at length why it is the young who have so much energy when it is us who have to have it to provide for them and chaperone to all their activities, etc., etc. We’ve often lamented if we could find some way to plug into them while they slept and trickle charge some of that towards us, we would become very rich selling the invention! LOL.

  2. Hey … I know the answer to #4 … Really! It is vitamin D. You can’t get it naturally in foods, it has to be added. You can only get vitamin D from being in the sunlight.

    So … do like I do … because I found I was very low in Vit D … take a pill. Really, I take 5,000 units a day and it helps my attitude and perspective on life IMMENSELY.

    You will not be sorry.

  3. loved this! I am SOOOOO with you on Number 3. I didn’t get married until age 30 and had my first at 33 and my 2nd/last at 39. Dear me…what was I thinking??? OH yeah….that was God’s plan for my life! (I like your blog…I’ll be back)

  4. The answer to #3 is, have your children young! I wonder if that was what God intended. The other questions are worth pondering

  5. My goodness – those are some deep questions? And I don’t think there are any answers this side of Heaven to any of them!
    I will be thinking of them all weekend I’m sure!

  6. Ha! Yes, I think having children late in life is a modern day invention. Maybe those who dreamed it up where banking on lots of hormone therapy….or else had nannies.


  7. Wow, Faith! Bless your heart. I got married 1 month shy of 30. Had my first at 31 and my second at 33. My cousin got a headstart on me and ended up with 4 boys. One just graduated from college and one is in 1st grade. Not for the faint of heart, eh? Welcome to the blog!


  8. I think you are on to something, Becky. I read somewhere that just spending 15 minutes or so in the sun can get us that Vitamin D fix but that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere in winter have a hard time getting our daily dose. Vit. D supplements are probably a good idea.


  9. Well I had a lot of fun reading your ponderings. I’ve had lots of the same questions myself. Mostly when I get to heaven I want to be able to wear flannels and a comfy shirt and my old fashioned uggs not those new trendy one. :0)

  10. I enjoyed this very much! And I can totally agree with the vitamin D theroy! I actually I have a severe deficiency (Ricketts) and it makes a big difference in everything!

  11. Ha! I’m with you. Clothing has to be cozy and comfy at this stage of my life. Haven’t tried Uggs…the old or the new versions but I do love my sneaker clogs.


  12. Thankfully my first children will hit their teenage years before I begin “The Change.” Hopefully by the time the youngest ones get there I’ll have enough practice. Wishful thinking probably.

  13. YOU are such a great blogger!! I so enjoyed your 5 thoughts–and totally agree with all of them!! Thanks for the great post! Dana

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