Avast, Matey! Have a Fish for Your Head.

Here's looking at ya, Kid!

Here's looking at ya, Kid!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been knitting a fish. Oh, not just ANY fish. This is a fish to wear as a hat. The pattern is available for free in the wonderful Knitty Magazine, an online magazine with great patterns and how-to’s for knitters. It’s available in their Winter 2008 issue. I wanted to knit this up for two young friends of mine up in Canada but I wasn’t sure they’d want to wear a fish on their heads. So I asked my son to show them the website with the pictures of the hats and to ask their opinions. That same night, I received an email back from said son saying that they would both LOVE to have fish hats. They had each passed on their color preferences to me along with their head measurements.

I have been knitting fish lips, fish bodies, dorsal fins, pectoral fins…..all sorts of fun things. Who knew that fishy could be fun? Last time I did anything with fish it involved trying to clean the water while keeping the cat away from the goldfish. Ugh! Even though that was many years ago, the memory (and smell) is still fresh in my mind. But THIS has been a blast.


I can see!  Where's my water?
I can see! Where’s my water?

Since Jayden is a young fellow and the pattern is written for an adult, I just adjusted the size of my knitting needles down to a size 5.  I also used the Magic Loop method when I knit this up since I detest fiddling around with DPNs.    For the eyes, I cut circles out of wool and handstitched them on.  Both Jayden and his sister assured me that they wanted “live” fish, not dead ones.  Can’t say I blame them.  There’s enough death in this world and it stinks.  Live fish it is!

Of course, once I was done with one, then I had the fun of posing the hat.  Darn, it’s just so cute that I kept thinking of all sorts of things I could do with it.  I tried to control myself, though because I didn’t want to scare Jayden into thinking that he couldn’t trust this fish on his head.  After all, it is going to be HIS fish and as such, I shall expect it to be an exceptionally friendly and warm fish. 

NummaNumma is YummaYumma!

NummaNumma is YummaYumma!

  • I had to get a little firm with it when the hat decided to munch on some of my prize yarn.  Of course it couldn’t go for the acrylic.  It had to chomp on my NummaNumma yarn.  But once I laid down the ground rules (or should I say “sea rules), the hat was fine. 

So now the hat is packed in ice.  Nah!  Just kidding.  It’s snoozing soundly in the closet waiting for me to finish the other fish for Jayden’s sister.  Soon there will be two fish hats heading off to the Pacific Northwest.  Thanks to Thelma Egberts for a great pattern!


2 Responses

  1. That is way cute! You did a great job! :::applause:::

  2. I wrote this on facebook but would you consider making another one if I paid you. Those are just too cute and if I knew how to knit I would make one.

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