Dreaming of Souped-Up Vibes

I’m in love with my car,  a 2004 Pontiac Vibe.  It’s a bright cherry red color called “Lava” with charcoal grey trim, an oversize chrome exhaust pipe and its silhouette is all edgy lines.  The inner workings are basically a Toyota Matrix but the outside is all Pontiac.  When I was car shopping and doing my research, I remember reading one review that said something to the effect that it was basically a Toyota Matrix twin except that Pontiac did it “cooler.” 

My plan was always to get a customized paint job for my Vibe.  This has caused some degree of consternation amongst my children over the years.  Somehow the thought of their middle-aged mother driving a hot red car down the road with bright flames painted on the sides has been a bit embarrassing to them.  “Tough!” I’ve told them.  “Deal with it!”  The only problem has been that I haven’t been able to find out where one goes to get this done.  I’ve even asked at the dealership and they couldn’t tell me (or wouldn’t).    So I’ve had to content myself with sticking a green cactus man on top of my antenna and  Betty Boop steering wheel cover and custom floor pads on the interior. 
Bumper Sticker Heaven

Bumper Sticker Heaven

I’ve also discovered the fun of proclaiming my views on the back of my Vibe.  I have a vanity plate that lets the world know of my love for books.  My “TX” oval lets the world know that I’d just as soon be in Texas.  The knitting stickers are designed to identify me to like-minded fiber fanatics.  The fish proclaims my Christian identity.  I’ve become a pacifist in my old age and I particularly like my bumper stickers that say “Make sweaters, not war” and “When Jesus said ‘Love your enemies, I think He probably meant “don’t kill them.”  They’re my own little gentle plug for learning to play nicely with others.

Recently a graphics shop just down the road has put up a big sign outside advertising that they now do custom graphics for cars.  My dear hubby actually told me about this the other day.  In fact, he has mentioned it several times since then.  When that happens, I take it as a sign that he is encouraging me to finally get my Vibe customized.  I’ve been waiting for this day.  Just to get my creative juices flowing, I played around a little up in my Storybook Creator 2 program and tried out some designs on my car.  They certainly aren’t what I plan to end up with but it gives me a little idea of what it might look like.    Now I just have to figure out if I want the state of Texas with flames shooting out from the side,  a mustang galloping along my car’s side, a lion’s head with mane curling, or perhaps an artsy mimosa branch?  Seems to me that I’m only going to be limited by my pocketbook and my imagination.  Maybe I’ll just have “READ” in big letters along the sides.  Excuse me.  Gotta go do a little more dreaming.


Dreaming up Possibilities

Dreaming up Possibilities






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