Traffic Jam on the Knitting Highway

Too many projects, too little time!

Too many projects, too little time!

I have come to the conclusion that there’s a major traffic jam on my knitting highway.  I’m not even counting the projects started months ago and now languishing in closets or drawers.  I’m talking knitting projects that are in bags next to chairs or on end tables that, with their very visible presence, are reminding me daily that I simply must get them done. 

There is the knit-a-long I’m doing with the Harrisburg Knitters Sock Group up on Ravelry.  We’re knitting the Blackrose Socks posted in the online magazine Knitty .   I’m also knitting these for the Loopy Spring Retreat Knit-a-Long since they’ll do double duty because they are knit from Numma Numma yarn, dyed by one of the designers who will be at the Retreat.   These socks need to be done in January.

I haven’t even started the next project yet.  The yarn arrived yesterday as the first shipment in the Eat, Sleep, Knits Malabrigo Projects Club.  I am planning on making a cowl out of this yarn and have picked out my pattern already.  Just have to find time to start it.

Then we come to the delightful La Novia scarf by that wonderful designer Anne Hanson from Knitspot.  I was chugging right along on this scarf when the sock KAL came up and I realized I had to get those done in January.  Screeching halt on my Novia scarf.


Next project is something I’m working on for a friend of mine.  Can’t tell you what it is because she occasionally reads this blog and I don’t want her to know until I give them to her.  The problem is that I just finished identical items for another mutual friend and plan to give both ladies their gifts at the same time.  These were supposed to be Christmas presents but at this point, I’m thinking I’ll give them to my friends around the end of February when we are on a scrapbooking retreat together.  That will buy me a little more time.

The final project is a hat that I’m working on.  I had planned to finish it up before we headed over to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  I know, I know…..I’m a little late.  Of course, I started it the night before we left for Michigan.  It’s going to be a little cloche called the Sideways Grande Hat from the book “Boutique Knits” by Laura Irwin.  I might get this done while the weather is still cold. 

I think I’d better make my knitting highway a “limited access” highway for awhile until the traffic jam clears up.  Whoops!  Just remembered that I have two knitting classes starting up this coming week so I’ll need to add two more scarves to the list.  Road closed!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Dee,

    It’s Jill. What a neat blog. Your knitting projects sound like my scrapbooks! It was good to hear from you. I miss working with you at the library but I love being a mom. I have a blog of my own. Nothing fancy but stop by and read it sometime. The address is above.

  2. Hi Friend!!!
    So glad to hear from you. We have moved to Toledo-finally. Sold in Mi.–a blessing. If you ever are driving through on your way to your mom come see us! You are a remarkable woman!! Jason and Laura, Laura and Jason–how could that happen!
    You are a terrific writer–I’ll look always now I’m back to counted cross stitch. I also have the pajama syndrome that you have. Miss You. Kris

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