What Was Your First Car?

Do you remember your first car?  I was a late-bloomer when it came to cars.  I didn’t get a car until my last semester of college.  It was a beaut though.   It was an emerald green 1967 Olds Delta 88.  I haven’t stumbled across a picture of it yet but here is how the ads showed it.  The inside interior was black leather and the outside paint job was a metallic emerald green.  I called it “Phoebe” which actually came from the initials “F” and “B” which stood for “Faith” and “Begorrah”.  Well, you have to understand how my convoluted mind worThey don't make them like this anymore!ks.  I figured that when I was driving it that I needed God to be watching out for me, hence the “faith” and the “begorrah”.  Actually, begorrah is a mild Irish expletive meaning “By God” but I picked an Irish word that I associated with God because of the emerald green of the car.

I cried big tears when I drove that car out to Minnesota the first summer I had it.    A tree limb fell off a tree while I was driving through a small town in Wisconsin enroute to the family farm, landed on the roof of my car and dented the roof.  Of course I was a poor college kid and didn’t have the money to spare to fix it.  I had car insurance but used that insurance check for something a little more essential like food, if I remember right.

The Olds went with me when I moved to Colorado to attend grad school and came in quite handy for transporting hay bales in the back seat out to the stable where I boarded my horse.  After a year of grad school, I stuffed another bale in the back, my suitcase in the trunk, my saddle slung over the hay bale, and my new puppy in the front seat with me and headed up to Minnesota to move back to the family farm while I figured out what I wanted to do next.

After a summer of no job leads,  I decided to drive it back to Michigan and bunk with my parents for awhile.  Got a job working as a secretary for an insurance agency in town but distant places were calling me.  It didn’t help that the movie “Mash” had just come out and it made the military look like a pretty fun option.  Before my folks knew what was happening, I had enlisted in the Army and got orders to Germany.  The Delta 88 keys were turned over to Dad for safekeeping and off I headed for foreign shores.

I was still a proud Oldsmobile owner, albeit a long-distance owner, until I moved to Arizona and joined the Navy.  But that’s a story for another day. 


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  1. My first car that I bought was a 1985 white, two-door Chevy Chevette! Then I got a Corsica, followed by an Oldsmobile! The Olds was my favorite. Now I’m driving a Saturn Ion.

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