A Tale of Two Beds

When our guestroom had two beds.

When our guestroom had two beds.

Some people keep their houses as shrines to what used to be.  You’ve probably all been in homes like that.  You can visit folks and then come back ten years later and not a thing has changed in their house.

Others like to redo their homes every few years like some folks change their hair color.  These are usually the folks that are a. trendy b. bored and c. independently wealthy.

Then there are folks who see their homes as places designed to serve the function of whoever is living in them.  I tend to fall into that category.  When my children were living at home, we needed to have a bedroom for each child and a spare bedroom for my mother, who would arrive around Thanksgiving to stay with us for the winter.  Then, when the kids moved out and Mom moved into an assisted living facility, I changed their rooms once again.  One child’s room became my computer/craft room.  The other child’s room became my husband’s computer room.  Mom’s room was the all-purpose guestroom with two twin beds.

Since then, both children have gotten married.  This has posed a bit of a problem when it comes to sleeping arrangements.  For some reason, our kids and their spouses seem to want to sleep together when visiting.  As I said to my husband, “Hey, we never seemed to have any problem working around twin beds in OUR newlywed days when on the road.”   However, in the spirit of cooperation, I decided to change our guestroom yet again.

This posed a bit of a dilemma.  You see, one of the twin beds has been in my family since I was around 7 years old.  And it is still darn comfy!  It has a Beautyrest mattress, which my mother was ever so proud of  and, having slept on it more than once this past year when I’ve been sick, I can affirm its continuing comfort.  I did not want to get rid of it.  So what to do?  Well, I got to thinking that it would be nice to set up the room into a type of study where I could have a sofa that would change into a bed.  After all, the kids are rarely here so why have a room that gets very little use most of the year?  With a sofa, I could lounge in there with a good book or set up a small TV and put my feet up with the dog beside me and watch a show when hubby is watching sports downstairs.  Sounded like a plan to me.

Our modified guestroom ready for newlyweds.

Our modified guestroom ready for newlyweds.

So now our guestroom has a nice, comfy futon along with a chair I picked up several years ago from Goodwill and the transformation is remarkable.  We dragged the old ship’s hatch coffee table back in from the sun porch and put that in front of the futon.  All we need now is a small area rug to go under the coffee table.

Since our redecorating, our daughter and son-in-law have spent several days visiting and they gave our new arrangement the thumbs-up.  Everyone was happy.  I got my study, they got to sleep together, and hubby didn’t get too big a chunk taken out of his bank account.  Oh, and the old bed with the Beautyrest mattress?  Well, that went upstairs to another spare bedroom and the daybed in that room is going to be given to a young family that needs another bed for their kids.

Fresca inspects the new arrangement.

Fresca inspects the new arrangement.

The only one who isn’t too happy is our dog, Fresca.  She loved to be able to lay on the twin bed next to the windows and watch the goings and comings in our neighborhood.  Now she is further away from the window.  However, I did come into the room the other day and find her sleeping on the futon so I think she is getting used to the new arrangement. 

And now I think I’ll go find a book and curl up on that futon.


2 Responses

  1. So, I ran across your business card sitting on top of my mom’s pile of mail and I couldn’t help but stop by a website with the name “Hot-Flashed Funk”! And, as it turns out, it is as incredibly comical and audacious as I had hoped. You seem to have retained every bit of verbiage and passionate antics that I remember from when I was 10 and you (and the fam.) used to come visit us in Lamberton. Hope all is well.

  2. Great job on the guest bedroom re-do! It looks like it belongs in a magazine! I have a plan to turn my spare room into a reading room – with a big, comfy chair & ottoman. I already have the bookshelves in place. Just need to get rid of the spot on the ceiling from a roof leak, paint, and buy that chair and ottoman! Once it’s finished, I may not leave that room! LOL

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