Riding the Resolution Train


Come onboard the Resolution Train!

Come onboard the Resolution Train!

It’s 2009 and I guess that means it’s time to jump onboard the Resolution Train.  I wasn’t going to do it this year, but doggone  if I haven’t yielded once again to the lure of a clean slate…the thrill of a whole year stretching ahead of me with all sorts of possibilities that haven’t had the cold water of reality dashed on them yet.  Of course, none of us are guaranteed even another day so I don’t want to be presumptious.  Yet it is the “possibility” of that new year that gives me the eternal optimism that finds me reaching for paper and pencil once again.  I know, I know….I could just dig out my resolutions and write “Ditto” across the top in big fat letters.  But tonight, I’m going to go for it!  Let’s see if I can come up with some new and improved New Year’s Resolutions.

1.  To get on a plane and fly somewhere.  I will NOT let my fear of flying continue to stop me from participating in fun activities. (Besides, I just made my airline reservations to a retreat.  I might actually accomplish this one.  And I can always ask my doctor to increase my dosage of Effexor.)

2.  To write a little every day and start submitting some of it.   

What shall I put down this year?

What shall I put down this year?

3.  To eat more fiber.  (OK, I’m getting to that certain age.  And thank God for Splenda with fiber already added to it.)

4.  To attempt to eat a more balanced diet. (There, that should please my hubby who seems to think that arranging donuts at equal points around the rim of your plate is NOT a balanced diet.)

5.  To read through the Bible again.

6.  To finish some of these knitting projects I have around the house or else “frog” them and restash the yarn.

7.  To become a better fiber spinner.

8.  To make it a point to greet and talk to residents on the Dementia Ward whenever I visit my mother in the nursing home.

9.  To lose 20 pounds by June. (Oh, why not?  Maybe this will be the year.)

10.  To listen for what people “aren’t” saying when I’m talking with them.

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