What’s In and What’s Out for 2009

It’s that time of year! The lists of “what’s in and what’s out” or “what’s hot and what’s not” are starting to pop up all over the place. So in the spirit of the moment, I’ve decided to give you my Top Ten picks for what’s in and what’s out for 2009.

What’s In for 2009
1.   Folk Medicine (I figure many won’t be able to afford doctor visits when they lose their jobs and health insurance so they’ll turn to folk remedies to try to treat their ailments.)

2.  Maternity-Style Tops (I’m hoping these stay in style since all the weight I gained over the holidays didn’t help all the post-menopausal stomach fat I’m carrying around.)

3.  Independents ( I figure now that the Democrats are going to be in the White House and things will STILL be crappy, more and more folks will turn away from the two-party system and will start letting their brains trump party allegiance when it comes time to vote.

4.  Downsizing (Two things at play here – folks who have to downsize because they can’t afford the big monstrosities they bought initially and folks who are empty nesters and tired of maintaining big homes for the occasional visits from the kidlets)

5.  Telecommuting (Every year I hope to see this come into its own and every year I’m disappointed.  Sooner or later, its time will come!)

6.  Communes (OK, stay with me here, folks.  Maybe not communes, per se the way we remember them back in the hippie days.  But I think as more and more folks lose their jobs, we are going to see more people banding together to live together in a communal setting, pooling their resources to survive.   Or like-minded people making a decision to live in the same small neighborhood toward a common goal – like Shane Claiborne and his group in Philadelphia.)

7. Victory Gardens (This time we’ll be growing them because we want to know first-hand what is being put on our food AND because it will be cheap food.  There will also be more enrollment in subscription gardening.)

8.  Political Activism (Most Americans have been like a slumbering bear, rousing only occasionally to growl at the latest curveball the politicians have thrown at them, but then returning to their slumber.  I think this will be the year that the bear finally gets fully awake and realizes that it is hungry AND mad.  Fair warning to any politician with their hand in the honey jar.)

9.  Comfortable Shoes (Well, whether they’re in or not, I know what I’ll be wearing.)

10.  Cyber-schools (With violence in the schools and the cost of living on campus, cyberschools are going to be looking more and more attractive.)

 What’s Out in 2009?

1.  Huge Homes (If you’ve got half a brain, you’ve got to realize that you can’t put nothing down on your first home and move into a place the size of Maryland.  There’s nothing cozy about a place with 20 foot ceilings when you can’t afford to heat the rooms or even furnish them.) 

2.  Denominations (Christians are moving away from the mainline denominations and into the independent churches who are focusing on Christ, who didn’t belong to any one denomination, by the way.)

3.  Republicans and Democrats (See #3 above.)

4.  Large Gas-guzzling Cars, Trucks, and SUVs (Please let this be true.  Surely the American public isn’t so stupid as to go right back to buying these monstrosities just because gas prices have come down temporarily?)

5. Desktop Computers (Hey, even I made the switch from my desktop to a laptop computer.)

6.  Conspicuous Consumption (Instead of showing off how much stuff we can buy, I think the economic times will force a new trend of seeing how long we can keep using something before we have to buy a replacement.)

7.  Bailouts (At some point, Americans are going to stand up and say “No more!”  We have to realize that we can’t give out money that we don’t have and we must demand that our government officials listen to us.)

8.  Baby Boomer Workforce ( I hope I’m wrong but I think as times continue to get tough, companies will see their Baby Boomer workforce as the place to cut costs since they will be the higher paid folks with more years on the job. So they might be tempted to let the Boomers go and just think to replace them with younger workers.  OK, so let’s see what happens.  Maybe life will go on with barely a glitch in productivity.  And then again, maybe those same companies will discover that there is no work ethic like a Boomer work ethic.  By then it might be too late.  The Boomers might have decided, “To heck with this” and dropped out to those communal living places I mentioned above in #6 in the “What’s In” or be out vagabonding around the country in their travel trailers.)

9.  Cancer (OK, this is really just wishful thinking but I really hope that 2009 is the year they find the cure for cancer. )

10. War (This isn’t so much a prediction as a prayer.  ‘Nuff said.)

What's heading out in 2009?

What's heading out in 2009?


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