Manipulating Realities

I’ll admit it. I’m an incurable escapist…..someone who just can’t pass up a good alternate reality. I love to manipulate my environment, putting the unexpected in familiar settings. When I stumble across something that helps me do this, it’s a GOOD day. And so, from the land that brought us Stravinsky, Rudolf Nureyev, and Dr. Zhivago, I give you a nifty little piece of escapist programming called Photofunia which should give you quite a few hours of fun.

It really is quite addicting. For example, I took a little picture of my dear hubby and me from our daughter’s recent wedding and did a little playing with it. First I decided to put us on the front page of a newspaper. What fun! Wouldn’t you love to see us over your first cup of coffee in the morning instead of war images, politicians, or high prices at the gas pumps?

Then I decided to put us up on the side of a building. I figured maybe America wasn’t quite ready for us early in the morning so instead we’d greet commuters on their way in to work; remind the younger generation why they’re working. Someone’s gotta support us Baby Boomers in our golden years.
Well, I got to thinking that perhaps we shouldn’t spring that little fact on the younger folk yet. We don’t want to encourage a generation of underachievers, at least until their portfolios are well-padded. So I decided that I’d pop us onto the telly instead where we
could be featured on some show about couples that still have that “zing” after 29 years of marriage. It would embarrass our kids but their pets might pick up some pointers.
Pets! Ah, now that got my creative juices going. Why limit the fun to just my hubby and I? Why not expand my horizons a little? So I dug up a picture of my son-in-law and stuck him in the computer. Since I know that he is particularly fond of cats (excuse me a moment while I extricate my tongue from my cheek) I just HAD to put a cat on top of the computer. Too bad they didn’t offer a white cat as an option which would have been purr-fect since our daughter and son-in-law share their home with Bailey, a big white cat.

And finally, knowing that my daughter wouldn’t want to feel left out, I decided to add a poster
of Laura and I on a street kiosk display under the bright city lights of a town that shall remain nameless. I like to think that we’re promoting a cozy tea room next to a quaint bookstore.

Just think, you all can have as much fun as I’m having with this gem of a website. And the beauty of it is that it is a free website. Plus you can not only save your pictures as regular pics but you can also save them as avatars, for those of you who chat on online communities.

Be forewarned though! This is highly addictive.


One Response

  1. Dee – That website looks like a hoot! And it will be another one to suck up my spare time when laundry is calling. I know my priorities!

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