If Only It Were That Easy!

Whoever coined the phrase “It’s a dog’s life”, must not have been a dieter. Because between you and me, my dog has it made in the shade when it comes to dieting. Not that she’s overweight. Heavens, no! She just has such a thick coat of fur that it always looks like she is about 10 pounds heavier than she actually is.

Now that’s Fresca on the left, the white dog who looks like a Chia pet. She’s sitting next to her little buddy, Schatze who you’ve met in some earlier posts. Seriously, the dog has a LOT of hair. And I find that hair everywhere….on the furniture, rolling around on the floors, in my mouth when she jumps up on my lap, and always in my knitting.

The vet makes the same comment every year when I take her in for her yearly shots and checkup. He always says, “Wow, I thought she might be overweight but she’s not. There’s actually just a little dog under all this hair.”

So in the summer months, I usually break down and have her fur shaved down close to her skin to give her some relief from the heat. This causes my son no end of embarassment because he says she looks ridiculous. I think she looks cute. What Fresca thinks is up for interpretation. The point is, after an hour at the groomer’s, she comes prancing out looking like she’s shed ten pounds.

If only it were that easy for us fluffy human girls. Even if someone shaved my head, I’d still look big. And I wouldn’t come prancing out of the beauty shop either.

Yup, sometimes a dog’s life looks pretty good. You get pampered, powdered, 10 pounds shaved off you in an hour, AND they hand you a treat to eat as you go out the door. What a life!


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