Feeding My Obsessions

It all started innocently enough. I just wanted my husband to show me how to put a button link on my blog. That led to a decision to redo the format a little…..spruce it up a tad, if you will, which led to further discovering that I had other options of things to add to my blog. I still don’t have the button thing down very well but I am enjoying adding links and lists. And this is where my sad little tale of obsession begins.

Have you ever noticed that obsessions are either fattening, frightening, expensive, or a combination of the latter? I don’t THINK I have any frightening obsessions but I sure do have fattening and expensive obsessions. I love to eat, I love to read, and I love to knit. Need I say more? Well, since this is my blog….sure! Being the obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I don’t do things half-heartedly. When I find something that I enjoy, I throw myself into it 150%.

Imagine my delight when I discovered an entire worldwide virtual community of compulsive knitters and crocheters on Ravelry (see the button link to the right). Here were people just like me–obsessed with fiber and making things out of it. Folks, I was in Nirvana wandering the pages and pages of patterns and projects on Ravelry. Then I discovered that there were “groups” up there that you could join based on common interests. If you liked coffee and knitting, there was a group for you. If you shopped with certain yarn vendors, there was a group for you. Making certain “shawls du jour?” No problem. Join a group of like-minded strugglers. Yarn Harlot groupie? You weren’t alone. This was dangerous territory for an obsessive person and my growing stash of yarn reflected it, as did my dusty house.

And now I’m practically wiggling with excitement because my prospecting on Ravelry has dug up another treasure. There are groups of READERS on Ravelry. Readers…..in groups with names like YarnWords, RaveLibrarians, and Librarything Crafters. Wow, I mean, I can sit here and read about knitting and what books other folks are reading while munching on popcorn thus effectively feeding all three of my obsessions, which doesn’t get much better than that unless the popcorn was something chocolate but hey, you can’t have everything.

I had forgotten about Librarything for awhile but thanks to being a member now of YarnWords, I went over to Librarything and logged in. The “OC” in me groaned. I had joined it awhile back but hadn’t done anything to update my profile nor had I even begun to catalog my books into it. My house would be in cobwebs by the time I got this site up-to-date. But then I spied the CueCat Scanner, a little device that looked like a resting cat in the shape of a stapler. This little beauty plugs into your USB port and you use it to read your book barcodes and then that info goes right into Librarything into your personal library holdings. This should save LOTS of typing time.

In the meantime, I’m back to my reading groups on Ravelry and notice that some have attempted to make a list of every book they’ve ever read in their life. Hmmmm, it’s tempting but can I really come up with a list filled with 58 years of reading? Probably not. But this list idea really excites me. I LOVE making lists. What fun to put it up on my blog. And once I catalog my books into Librarything, I can link my library to my blog and……Well, you see where this is going, don’t you? It’s an obsession, I tell you. One thing feeds off of another and before you know it, your husband has returned from work and you’re looking at him like he’s an alien because you’re still at the keyboard with your feet propped up on the hard drive, a book on your lap, a set of knitting patterns spread out on the computer desk above the keyboard, and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrapper on your mousepad. You are SOOO busted. But it was a good day, wasn’t it?


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  1. This was great post! Very funny and very fun to read. You are a great writer.

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