Yarn Prayers

Sooner or later, I think knitters and crocheters reach a point where they tire of making things only for themselves. They begin to sense that working with their hands takes on more significance and worth as they use their talents to share what they’ve made. Oh yes, I’m sure we’ve all gifted people with things we’ve labored long and hard over only to see our gifts given a less than stellar reception. But I think the point of giving isn’t in how much thanks you receive but in the act of giving itself.

I’ve discovered a wonderful group up in Yahoo Groups called the Prayer Cloth Ministry. The people in this group are so welcoming and loving. And it is a place that we can use our talents to create these simple cloths to share with those in the military or anyone who is hurting and wishes to have something small and portable that they can keep nearby to remind them of God’s healing love.

There is no set design you must make although there are plenty of suggested patterns and sizes and colors in the group’s files. And they are the perfect-sized project to throw in a small tote and carry with you to work on while you are waiting at the doctor’s office or maybe when you’re on your lunch hour. There is no big commitment to belong to the group. You are simply asked to make and send 4 prayer cloths a year to the group moderator. Of course, you can send more if you’d like. And what a great idea to incorporate into the needlework ministry of your own church.

I don’t know yet how to make the clickable links on my blog but if you’re at all interested in this group, go up to www.yahoogroups.com and do a search on “Prayer Cloth Ministry” or just “Prayer Cloth” and that should take you to the information on the group.

In the meantime, whatever your fiber talent is, why not make an extra item to simply give away? Be a yarn ambassador and spread some joy one stitch at a time.


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