Back to the Salt Mines

Well, my summer of freedom is over. Yes, tomorrow I head back to the college and back to work. Whine, whine. Where did the days go? Look at me years ago…heading off for that first day of school. All spiffed up, new supplies, new book folder, saddle shoes and middy blouse! I was EXCITED to be going back to school. What happened? Now, work gets in the way of my hobbies. Yet work helps fund those same hobbies. Aaaargh! It’s a Catch-22, isn’t it? So, tonight I’ll carefully lay out my outfit for tomorrow only this time I’ll be using different criteria. Instead of choosing something that is new and “in fashion”, I’ll be choosing something that doesn’t make me look fat and won’t be binding. Nothing worse than feeling pinched when you’re sitting in front of a computer all day. My saddle shoes are long gone, replaced now by Naot sandals. I’m still schlepping bookbags but they are heavier and bigger these days. So, here’s to the next nine months. May they go as fast as the summer went.

On the scrapbooking front, I’m now up to 251 pages scrapbooked and well into documenting my college years. At some point in my childhood, my mom shifted from taking copious pictures to taking slides so I don’t have as many pictures to scrapbook now. I do have a box full of slides to look through so at some point I’ll have to pull out the best and scan and print those to scrapbook. But for now, I’m focusing on what I have sorted in my storage boxes. One more week of the contest and then we report our page totals so I’m in the home stretch now. One more burst of scrapbooking energy and then I can take a break for awhile.


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