Hairball Shawl

I found the smaller gauge loom at the local craft store today so decided to buy the longer one to try a prayer shawl on it. This particular shawl is for a lady who has recently had knee surgery. I had asked her husband what some of her favorite colors were but he said he had “no clue.” I went home and asked my husband in amazement, “How in the world would a spouse NOT know what colors their wife liked?” To my astonishment, my dear husband of 27 years said, “I wouldn’t know what to tell someone if they asked me that question.” Good grief! Men really ARE from Mars.

So I decided to try to find some Homespun in a colorway that would be neutral enough that she wouldn’t mind it. In other words, a safe color. Well, it looked safe enough in the store. So I brought it home and started it on the loom. My goodness, the more I worked with it, the more depressed I got. What was going on? This was supposed to be a shawl to provide comfort and cheer, not one to depress the poor lady. I looked at that skein and the more I looked at it, the more I realized that it reminded me of dried hairballs. There was absolutely nothing attractive or pleasing to me about those colors.

Now the shawl below the “hairball shawl” is another prayer shawl I recently completed for another friend who is recovering from surgery. Now those are cheerful colors. Reminds me of Spring. I LOVE color. Half of the fun of knitting or crocheting something is seeing the play of color as the fabric develops before your eyes. Now I’m all in a quandry. Do I continue with the depressing colors, knowing that I’m going to be struggling with the joi d’vivre through three skeins of the stuff or do I return the other two skeins and pick something that I like? I’m definitely leaning toward the latter.

In my case, at least, it is true what they say about color having a huge impact on your emotions!

Speaking of emotions, I woke up this morning all jittery knowing that our son was heading off on his great adventure today, driving coast to coast on his own. Thank goodness that he had the presence of mind to take his old car into a good mechanic before attempting this road trip because he discovered that the clutch needed to be replaced. So at least that has been done. I’ve been praying for safe travels every time he has come to mind today, which has been often.

And that got me to thinking about squeaky wheels. Yes, my mind works in tortuous circles. I was thinking about how it always seems that the high-maintenance child is always the one that gets the most attention, while the chld who is self-sufficient and plugging along reliably sometimes can seem to get short shrift. That probably isn’t fair. We have a lovely daughter who is talented, highly intelligent, a hoot to be around, and we love her dearly. But I haven’t mentioned her much in this blog because she has been steadily working away at her job and on her Masters’ degree without creating much of a stir while our son, on the other hand, has kept us jumping trying to keep up with all the twists and turns that his life is taking lately. He’s been the “squeaky wheel” and consequently has taken a lot of our focus and attention. However, Laura deserves no less. So, hat’s off to an amazing daughter who makes us proud to be her parents each and every day. We enjoy every tidbit of her life that she shares with us and are so happy that she lives only an hour and a half away. It gives her the space she needs but lets us see her regularly. We love you, Laura!


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